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The Society of Old Framlinghamians exists to further the interests of Framlingham College, to enable former students to maintain contact with the School and with each other and to encourage links between OFs of all ages.

Formed at the turn of the 20th century, the Society has over 4000 members of all ages representing a wide range of occupations and professions. Since the College became coeducational lady OFs have joined the Society's ranks and play a full part in its activities.

The financial management of the Society is under the control of our Trustees and all other matters are managed by the Council consisting of a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and twelve elected Members of whom four retire annually by rotation. The Council meets four times a year usually in January, April, July and October. The Annual General Meeting is normally held in March or April of each year, followed by an annual dinner.

The Society currently manages funds with a market value in excess of 1.25million, the income from which, together with income from donations and special appeals to members, is used for the furtherance of the Society but mainly for the benefit of the College and its students.

An outline of the principal activities of the Society under its three main objectives is as follows:

  1. The Promotion Of The Interests Of The College
  2. By using money raised through appeals, by way of gift or bequest, or from its investment income, the Society helps to ensure that Framlingham College remains a leading British Public School. As a result each generation benefits from its predecessors, and members ensure that investments are made for future generations.

    In addition many OFs have endowed the College and the Society over the years and have contributed to the special appeals to raise finance for expansion and new facilities. Please click HERE to see what we hope is a full list of all the contributions that have been made to the College and Brandeston Hall. You can also click HERE to see a detailed list, produced by Commander John Simpson (K32-36), of all the Prizes at the College. Among the many benefits have been:

    • War Memorials - 1914/18 & 1939/45
    • Purchase of Brandeston Hall.
    • Refurbishment of the College.
    • Various Land Purchases:
      • Park Close Meadow
      • Reeve's
      • Nesling's Farm
      • College Farm
      • Land in Pembroke and College Roads
    • Various Facilities:
      • Squash and Tennis Courts
      • The Cricket Pavilion and The Fowler Pavilion
      • Chapel restoration
      • Kerrison House
      • Swimming Pool
      • all-weather Hockey Pitch
      • Electronic cricket scoreboards on the Back.

  3. The Maintenance Of Contact Between Members
  4. Without regular communication contact between members is lost and for many OFs the most valuable function the Society provides is the ability to keep in touch with existing friends and make new ones among others who have shared the experience of Framlingham College.

    The Framlinghamian is published every year, with sections devoted to Framlingham College, its Prep School (Brandeston Hall) and the Old Framlinghamians. The OF Section gives details of all OF activities at home and abroad, together with up-to-date 'intelligence' about members of all generations from all over the world. Contributions from members form an essential part of its production which is organised jointly by the College and the Society.

    School Registers were produced in 1907, 1926, 1949 and 1968. In recent years data has been digitalised and is available to members registered on the website (See the Directory and then Electronic-Green-Book). This Directory needs to be continually updated, with notification given of changes of address and circumstances. This is essential for the maintenance of contact, and for the delivery of publications. Registered members can do this for themselves. Others should contact the website team (admin@oldframlinghamian.com) who will be pleased to help, though they do encourage members to register.

    Regular informal suppers are held in Newmarket, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, West Midlands, and in Melbourne, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa.

    Golf and Shooting Clubs are well supported and teams are entered for a variety of Public Schools Old Boys' and Girls' competitions. In addition, there is an OF Masonic Lodge for members who are, or who wish to become Freemasons.

  5. The Encouragement Of Contact Between Members And The College
  6. OF teams are fielded against the College in Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Squash and Golf. A welcome is extended by the College to all OFs returning there, whether as players or spectators on these occasions, or visiting at other times.

    Awards from OF Scholarship Funds are made to College students every year and many young OFs are given financial help in overseas projects, particularly during the first twelve months after leaving.

    The Bye Laws of the school's Governing body state that where possible at least one third, but not normally more than half, of the Elected Governors should be former pupils and, in addition, the President of the Society is appointed as an ex-officio governor. Thus, communication between the Society and the College is maintained.

    Many OFs, in all parts of the world, provide useful contacts for travel and business opportunities and can offer advisory help with careers for recent leavers or those in their last few terms. Full details of activities and contacts are regularly published in The Framlinghamian.