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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden




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Obituaries' Archive

Laurence Godfrey Burr (K41-45) - on 16th September 2005 aged 77;
Rt Hon Lord Belstead Hon OF - on 5th December 2005 aged 73 after a long illness. Lord Belstead was educated at Eton subsequently Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk. He was a Governor of Framlingham and President of the Corporation and was made an Honorary OF in 1996;
Michael Dixon Whitehead Balls (G49-55) - on 7th December 2005 aged 67. The funeral was held at Danbury parish church on Wednesday 21st December 2005. Among those attending was Christopher Milner-Moore (G55-61). He is survived by his wife Susan and daughters Sarah and Lucy;
Charles Ross Iliffe (G48-53) - on 8th December 2005 aged 70. Brother of John Iliffe (G52-57) and father of Mark (G80-88) and Simon Iliffe (G82-90);
Guy Simpson (K39-40) - on 18th November 2005 aged 80. Grandson of George Simpson (K 1865-68), son of Frank Simpson (K1894-95) father of Charles Simpson (K65-73) and brother of Clive Simpson (K 49-53). A Thanksgiving Service was held in Earl Soham Parish Church on 23rd November 2005 and amongst those OF’s attending were K.G.Mayhew (R29-34), A.W.Mayhew (R33-36), C.J.Mayhew (R69-74), H.F.Pulham (R37-39), Cmdr. J.R. Simpson RN Ret’d (K32-36), C.C.Simpson (K49-53), C.F.Simpson (K65-72), H.T.Simpson (K74-84), G.P.C.Wells (K98-03;
Gerald Mitchell (K42-46) - peacefully on 21st October 2005 aged 77. Husband of Alix and father of Richard, Sarah and Katherine. Brother of Michael C Mitchell (K34-38). The funeral was held at St Nicholas Church, Dereham on 1st November 2005;
Geoffrey Noel Llewellyn Hyde (R52-58) - in October 2005, aged 65;
James Henry (Jimmy) Scoggins (R33-35) - suddenly on 24th September 2005 aged 84. A senior past master of the OF Lodge. His funeral was held in Diss Parish Church on Monday 3rd October 2005. Among those attending were D H Holland (R45-52), J Jarman (S55-58), P Martin (G54-59), A V Pryce (K44-47) and C Pursehouse (R49-52). He is survived by his wife Mary, daughter Sally and grandchildren Emily and Charlie;
Brian Earl Mabie (G71-73) – around October 2004 near Syracuse, New York, USA, aged 47;
James Aubrey Hyman (25-04) - on 20 November 2004 aged 79;
Leo Anthony Scoggins (G34-37) - on 5th November 2004 in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada aged 82. He leaves his wife Marianne, daughter Madeleine and sons Anthony and Christopher;
Norman Francis Borrett (S31-36) - on 10th November 2004 in Colchester Hospital, Essex aged 87;
Peter Guy Scotchmer (R31-38) - 9 December 2004 in Ottawa, Canada aged 83;
Benjamin Hunt Thompson (G27-31) - 25 November 2004 aged 91;
Roderick Winyard (G53-58) - March 2003 aged 62;
Sidney Bloomfield (G41-45) - 6 July 2004 aged 74;
Christopher Goldsmith (G52-56) - Friday 8 October 2004 aged 65;
John Powlesland (R37-43) - 6 July 2004 in Ipswich aged 78;
John Patrick Ferris - 18 April 2004 - one of the original masters at Brandeston when it opened in 1948;
Reginald Harold Kenneth Davis (K30-35) - 11 December 2002 aged 86 in New Zealand;
Victor Alison Sutton (G41-44) - 27 March 2004 at Levington aged 75;
Harry R Townsend (Hon OF);
Charles Roy Denby (S23-30) - on 6 February 2004 in Australia. Stuart William Chapman (G53-56)- on 13 December 2003 aged 63;
James Patrick Ian Lloyd-Bostock (R30-35)- on 31 August 2003 aged 86;
Nicholas Peter Moyle (R49-53)- on 21 October 2003 aged 68;
Keith Reid Wilkes (R41-48)- on 2 September 2003 aged 73;
Douglas Brown (27-31)- on 25 October 2003 aged 86;
Gerald Southall (S60-70)- on 22 July 2003 aged 51;
David Graham Spencer (R60-65)- on 10 October 2003 aged 56;
Ian Berkeley McMillan (S27-31)- on 6 November 2003 in Virginia Water aged 90;
Donald James "Jim" Macbride (S40-43)- on 24 September 2003 aged 76;
Tom Adnams (S28-37)- on 20 June 2003 aged 84;
Lloyd Kenyon (S26-29 and SOF Vice President);
George Trevor Edge (S40-43);
Michael David Fulcher (G46-50);
Leslie (Bob) Gillett (Honorary OF and Vice President 47-02);
John Harold Germain Parsons (R12-22 and 25-29);
Barry Pritchard (Hon);
Mrs. Gillian Rimmer (Hon);
Mark Salter (G73-76);
Alan Southall (S66-75);
Ernest James Steadman (G28-33);
Mrs Cherrie Allsop;
William Allan Phimester;
Dulcie Wilton.