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Career Networking

LinkedIn logo The SOF has collaborated with Linkedin.com, one of the largest career & alumni networking organisations, to create a Private Group Membership Scheme to allow professional and career networking between OFs of all ages and career stages - from 6th-formers thinking about their future, to retirees willing to offer advice about their career experience.

Our group is entirely private and your membership of it will not be visible to outsiders unless you choose to be seen. You will, however, be able to search through the profiles of fellow group-members.

Who can join?
Any member of the Society can join. In joining the SOF Linkedin Group, you are deemed to accept that SOF members may contact you for career advice or to request an introduction to others in your own network.

How to join
Most registered users of the SOF website are already primed for membership of the SOF Linkedin Group. The unique identifier is the email address held in your website record. All you need to do is to click Join SOF Linkedin Group, follow the link on the page and accept the invitation on the webpage that follows. When prompted, please enter the email address that you have in your website entry.

What if I already have a Linkedin.com account?
You still need to follow the link and accept the invitation to join the SOF Group. However, if the email address you've previously registered with Linkedin.com is different to the one you have on the OF website, you'll need to add this email address as supplementary to your Linkedin account (Linkedin Homepage, bottom left, under 'You').

How will I know I've successfully joined the SOF Group on Linkedin.com?
Go to the Home Page of your Linkedin.com account. You should find a Groups item in the box at top-left. Click on this for all the Groups of which you're a member, and you should find the SOF logo there. If this is not present, or you receive a problem message from Linkedin, please contact the website team by emailing admin@oldframlinghamian.com

How can I use the SOF Network to find people in particular industry sectors?
Within your Groups, click on the SOF Group. This will take you to a new page with a number of tabs - click on the Members tab, which will take you to a full list of members. You'll find a search feature pre-set to search only the SOF Group. You can simply search for a name, or use the Advanced Search feature to tailor a search by a wide range of categories. If searching by industry, and you have no luck the first time, try alternative industry sectors that look like a close match.

Completing your own Profile
Don't be intimidated by this - particularly if you're still at the College or just getting started on your career. It's quite OK to list "Student" as your Current Role, and to choose an industry sector you're interested in as your "Primary industry of expertise" - you can always change this later. How much you choose to include in your profile is entirely up to you.

More Questions and Answers
Click this link to Linkedin FAQ and then enter Groups in the search box.