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Charlie Bullen: Scholar 2014-2017

Charlie Bullen


I joined Fram in Garrett House at the start of Year 9, and immediately fell in love with the school, which presented me with so many amazing opportunities. I snatched up every one I could get my hands on, around school and in house. This probably came from my enthusiastic personality, and was especially influenced by the excitement that Fram gave me.

I quickly fell in love with Music, when I discovered that I could sing. I sang in every concert since year 9, both as a soloist and as part of a choir. I was also in Part Song for all 5 years and we almost snatched victory in year 13 with my arrangement and mash up of “In the Jungle”, “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” & “Hakuna Matata”, but unfortunately we took 2nd place. Music is definitely a passion of mine, and by Year 10 I had taught myself the guitar, piano, ukulele and mandolin to sing along to, and had come up with a stash of my own compositions. Because I’m an Army child, you can understand my father’s disappointment that it was Music, and not the CCF, that I fell in love with.

Sport is another of my passions, most notably Rugby, but also Hockey, Tennis, Running and a spot of Cricket. I played 1st XV Rugby and 1st XI Hockey, where I was the striker who never scores, for both years of my 6th Form. I eventually became Vice-Captain for both and received both sets of colours. I befriended and met lots of people through College Sport and it is something that I will thoroughly miss.

Fram also started my Theatrical career. Having only ever played Third Crow in the Wizard of Oz at my previous school, I didn’t think that this area would be one I’d become so involved in. I loved playing some leading roles in school productions, especially in ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum’, which involved singing, dancing and cross-dressing, which was right up my street!

In my final year I became a College Prefect and Head of House, a role that I hugely enjoyed - organising House Dinner, House Singing (also being Head of Music) and lots of other aspects of house life.

For my A-Levels I studied French, Maths, Music and Drama, dropping Music after AS. These subjects gave me a great mix, and after having lived in the South of France for my first two years at Fram, my passion for languages grew and grew. I’ve applied to study French and Italian at Durham or Bath, starting in 2015 after my Gap Year, in which I am going to take a Ski Season as a Chalet Chef/Host, ideally somewhere in the French Alps, where I can enjoy the language as well as the snow.

Now that I’ve left, the thing that I will miss most is definitely the constant company of my friends. I had a great year-group and I know lots of you will be lifelong friends and both Kat and I will do everything possible to keep us all in touch with each other. I look forward to the new memories we are going to make in the future.