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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden



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2022-2025 scholars

Tamsin Holmes
Satine Margaryan

2021-2024 scholars

Georgie Cantrell
Oscar Endean

2020-2023 scholars

Amelia Slater
Sam Ponty

2019-2022 scholars

Joe Lipman
Amy de Selincourt

2018-2021 scholars

Coral Langridge
Archie Winter

2017-2020 scholars
René Bahar
JoJo Maberly

2016-2019 scholars
Luke Quartermaine
Cam Greenhall

2015-2018 scholars
Annie Fulcher
Ele Williamson

2014-2017 scholars
Kat Twentyman
Charlie Bullen

2013-2016 scholars
Charlotte Gower
Jasper Maberly
Alex Myers-Allen

2012-2015 scholars
Lewis Myers-Allen

2011-2014 scholars
Jenny Binder
Sophie Mackie

2010-2013 scholars
Hannah Gardner
Teddy Harrington

2009-2012 scholars
Ed Binder
Bethany Burgoyne

2008-2011 scholars
Rebecca Peck
James Pearson

2007-2010 scholars
Katie Blow
Robert Norman

2006-2009 scholars
Abigail Mackrill
Hannah Gunn