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Submit Engagement Details - the more the merrier

The engagement is announced between Flight Lieutenant Jonathan Owen (K93-98), son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Owen,  of Norwich, Norfolk, and Joanna, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs Keith Hamlin of Bristol. The wedding will take place on 7 May in Ironbridge, Shropshire.

James Howard-Dobson (K 88-98), eldest son of Peter (R 65-69) and Catherine Howard-Dobson to Laura Maria Harrison, elder daughter of Steve and Maria Harrison. The wedding took place on Sunday 7th December 2014, at Brandeston parish church.



Submit Marriage Details - the more the merrier

The following marriages have taken place recently:

Camilla Jenkinson Wedding - swords (2) (96x170)
Camilla Jenkinson (P08-10) married Captain Raynor Shelmerdine-Hare (R00-09) at St Peters Church Yoxford on 8 September 2018.  Both are OFs as was the Father of bride Guy Jenkinson (K69-76).  Also Hannah Gardner (P08-10) was chief bridesmaid and a good contingent of school chums were in attendance.






Katie Blow and Edward Jeffrey on wedding day
Katie Blow (V05-07)  married Edward Jeffrey on 8 April 2016.  OFs Leela Shanson and Ben Norton were present. Leela sang Katie and her father down the aisle and Ben Norton won the prize for best bow tie! They honeymooned was spent in Thailand in June - see baby news below.









James Hislop wedding (238x250)
James Hislop (K00-02)  married Charlotte-Louise Hull, of St.Albans at the The Old Jail, St.Albans (where the filming of Ronny's Barker's 'Porridge' was filmed!) on Friday, 26th August, 2016.  On Monday 29th August they went on honeymoon to Africa.









Mark and Louisa Watchorn - wedding
Mark Watchorn (R94-99)  married Louisa Coker (M93-02) in August 2015.  Included in the picture is their 15 month old son Benjamin.







Elizabeth (Libby) Alice Ilett (P 94-01) to Richard Owain Stratton, on Saturday 5th July 2014, at St Peter's Church, Theberton, and afterwards at Moat Farm, Theberton, home of Lizzie's parents, Simon (G 74-78) and Sally Ilett. Bridesmaids were Katherine Ilett (BH 93-97), Charlotte Ilett (BH 94-01), Charlotte Heywood (P 94-03) and Jenny Stratton. Other OFs present were: Emma Mee (BH 90-97), Adam (K 93-04) and Jenny (P 96-03) Howard-Dobson, and Lottie Florence (V 01-03).

Richard John Wilkins (K90-99) to Mair Sara Rackham on 10th August 2013 at St Peter's Church Levington. The groom's brother, Edward Wilkins (R90-01), was an usher. The reception was held in Levington Village Hall.

Brett Emblin (K86-93) to Francesca Gomez on Saturday 6th October 2012 at All Saints' Church, Brandeston, where Brett had worshipped whilst a boarder at Brandeston Hall from 1986 until 1988. The reception was held at Seckford Hall, Woodbridge, and the College was well represented and included former Head Boy, Peter Mayo (K89-94) as Best Man, Peter Burt (K86-91), Matthew Crook (S86-92), and John Tooke (G88-93) as Ushers, who were supported by Roger Roberts (R84-92), Simon Shaw (K88-93), Tom (K86-92) and Tami (V88-94) Wornham along with Richard (R88-93) and Zoe (nee Martin V88-92) Wilson. The Bride, a languages teacher, looked stunning. The Best Man was a riot. The weather was perfect (the last day of summer) and the evening was an absolute blast.

James Hurlock - wedding photo
James Hurlock (R2001-06) to Heidi Stacey on 10th August 2013 in Newfoundland, Canada. James met Heidi in Sydney in 2008 where they currently reside in Manly, Australia. James was joined by his mum and dad, (Terry (R66-73) and friends and family from Australia, England, France, Chile, America and Holland. Following the wedding James and Heidi took a honeymoon through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zanzibar, India and the Maldives before returning to Australia.




Charlotte (Binkle) Moore-Moffatt (P1992-2004) to Jeremy Jackson on 18th August 2012 - it was the hottest day of the year, a scorching 32C! Married in Framlingham Church and reception afterwards at Robbie & Alison Moffatt's house in Saxtead. There were lots of OF's in attendance: Dr Robbie Moffatt (Honorary OF - father of the bride), Rose Moore-Moffatt (bridesmaid), Gemma Ellis (bridesmaid), Henry Reid (Brandeston Hall - bridesman), Rupert Moffatt (usher), Henry Moffatt (usher), Alexandra Reid, Ben Hayes, Charlie Hicks, Andrew Barr, Adam Howard-Dobson, Jenny Howard-Dobson (nee Wayne), Harry Ford, Jack Paget, Lily Paget, Luke Bailey, Mark Stacpoole, Patrick Cadell, Sam Mitchell, Tom Burton, Will Gallagher, Eleni Read, Jet Bielecka, Lois Crompton, Rosy Lawrence, Sarah Hicks, Victoria Mawson, Edwina Blackford (nee Reid), Tommi Coles, Nick Watts and Tim Watts. 32 in total, including the bride!

Naomi Horton (P 87-95) was married to Nicholas Wheeler at St Michael’s Church Framlingham on Saturday 22 September 2012. The bride was given away by her father, John Horton (G 56-60) and Julie Brumby (Née Cooper P 84-95) was bridesmaid. Other OFs present were Andrew Horton (Z 86-97), Mike Vipond (Hon), Rev Canon David Pitcher (R 44-51), Helen Slater (Née Robinson P 85-93), Harriet Root (Née Sale P 87-93), Sarah Rutterford (P 85-95) and Suzy Pym (Née McEwan P 86-95).





Jennifer Anne Wayne (P96-03), daughter of Barry & Penny Wayne to Adam Howard-Dobson (K93-04), youngest son of Peter (R 65-69)and Catherine Howard-Dobson, at St Mary's church Great Bealings, on 1st September 2012. Jenny's bridesmaids were Charlotte St. John Dinsdale (nee Wayne) (P95-00), Victoria Wayne (P97-08), Charley Heywood (P94-03) and Emma Rooney; Adam's best men were Badr El Shaboury (S97-03) and Tom Whitton (K99-04). The reception was held at Beacon House, Little Bealings, home of Barry and Penny Wayne.
In all, there were twenty six Old Framlinghamians at the wedding (including the principals).

Adam Howard-Dobson wedding
The photograph shows twenty five of them, to a greater or lesser extent. Back row L-R: Libby Ilett, Claire Niewiarowski (nee Mallett), Hannah Colby, Kirsty Wybar, Alex Lyne, Helen Bowen, James Howard-Dobson. Middle row L-R: David Mallett, Yumino Hirayama, Lottie Florence (nee Carter), Charley Heywood, Binkle Jackson (nee Moore-Moffatt), Simon Howard-Dobson, Alex Cameron, Robert Lintott, Kim Hamilton. Front row L-R: Victoria Wayne, Charlotte St. John Dinsdale (nee Wayne), Jenny Howard-Dobson (nee Wayne), Adam Howard-Dobson, Alaistair Howard-Dobson, Peter Howard-Dobson, Amy Hutchings. Kneeling in front L-R: Badr El Shaboury and Tom Whitton. The twenty sixth was Norman Porter, SOF General Secretary, who is churchwarden of St Mary's, Great Bealings, and missed the first half of a vital Ipswich Town match in order to fulfil those duties, before making a dash for Portman Road.


Simon Newson (G77-80) to Miss Ann Ceprynski Ciekawy at St. Mary’s Church, Upton Grey on 9th June 2012. Also present were John Newson (S52-60) and Andrew Newson (S58-67), plus Bob Williams (Hon) was also present as a guest.

Clare Margaret Dougherty Wedding

Clare Margaret Dougherty (BH & VH 88-98) daughter of Simon (BH & GH 60-67) and Margaret Dougherty to Christopher Smith, youngest son of Keith and the late Pamela Smith at St Andrew’s Church, Abberton, on 5 May 2012. The bridesmaids were Franny Aukland nee Henney (BH & PH 87-98), Kelly Nekrews nee Morgan (BH & PH 87 - 98), Katie Rixon (BH & PH 89-98) and Rosie Barker (MH 96-98) assisted by Jack and Carys, son and daughter of James (BH & GH 83-93) and Sally Dougherty and Maximilian, son of Philip (BH & GH 85-95) and Louise Dougherty. The reception was held at White House, Abberton, home of Clare’s parents. In the image, from the left are Kelly Nekrews nee Morgan, Franny Aukland nee Henney, The Bride and Groom, Rosie Barker and Katie Rixon.


Douglas Parkes (S92-02) Wedding

Douglas Parkes (S92-02) to Lindsay Coombs at Glen-Y-Afon, Usk, Cardiff, on 24th March 2012. - They will be living in Arbroath, where Douglas is with 45, Royal Marine Commandos.


Simon Stacpoole (K90-02) to Megan Sandell on 8th October 2011 in a ceremony and reception held at The Ashes, nr. Leek in Staffordshire. OFs present on the day included brother, Mark Stacpoole (K90-04), who was Best Man, cousins Philippa Wickham (nee Knight)(V89-00) and Elizabeth Reeve (nee Knight) (P88-98), Jonathan Darby (S90-02), David Sowerby (R90-00), Craig Hamilton (S92-02), Louisa Coker (M93-02), Jon Wilding (S95-02) and Jamie Holliday (K97-02) .



Submit Birth Details - the more the merrier

The following births have recently been announced:

Jeffrey- To Katie (nee Blow) (V05-07) and Edward Jeffrey, a son Walter Edward Theodore, born 16th Januuary 2017 and weighing in at 7lb 3oz.

Kippenberger- To Anne-Kathrin and Jens Kippenberger (G90-91) , a daughter Henny Elisabeth Helga, born 8th December 2016.

Hurlock - To Heidi and James Hurlock (R01-06) , a son, Hunter Gregory, born 7th May 2015. A grandson for Terry Hurlock (R66-73).

Howard-Dobson - To Jenny (P 96-03) and Adam (K 93-04) Howard-Dobson, a beautiful daughter, Evelyn Alice, born 9th April 2015.

Nash - To Karen and Marcus Nash (S 89-94), a son, Magnus, born on the 17th June 2014, weighing in at a healthy 8.7lbs.

Loveridge - To Catharine and James Loveridge (R96-01), who are now the proud parents of a daughter, Rose Elizabeth, born 30 April 2014.

Emblin - To Francesca and Brett Emblin (K86-93), a son, William Miles Allan, born on 21st August 2013, weighing 6lbs 13ozs. He has already had his first photograph in a miniature MCC sweater bought for him at Lord's during the NZ Test match.

Johnson - To Peter (Brandeston 87-90 Stradbroke 90-95) and Bindu, a daughter Florence Elizabeth, born 30th November 2011. A little sister to Olivia.

George - To Ginny and Andrew George (K74-79), a daughter Lola Jessica, born 22nd July 2010.

Whipps (nee Frost) - To Craig (G1997-2000) and Vicky (V1997-2002) a baby son, James Craig. A brother for Bethany weighing 7lb 8oz born on March 25th 2012 and doing well. Tragically Craig had died on 15 July 2011 in a farming accident.

Bradley (nee Smallcombe) - To Hannah (P88-93) and husband Mark a girl, Sally Rosina May Bradley on 27 June 2011 weighing 7lbs 8ozs and she is a little sister to her big brother Ethan Francis Bradley who is now 3.

Sindell - To Ross (Z 82-85 and R 85-86) and Sara a second daughter Molly Jessica born 17 February 2011. 



The following deaths have been announced over the last year or so. In some cases, there are obituaries available or just a little more detail (in which case the name will be underlined). Click on the name to see more. Earlier obituaries are available in the Obituaries' Archive (see below). If you have an obituary to offer, or wish to provide details of the death of an OF, or someone connected with the school, please click here on

Submit Death or Obituary Details.

Obituaries' Archive

John Alexander Waugh (K41-48) died on 29th January 2023, aged 91. His funeral is on 21st February 2023 at 12.00 noon at St Mary’s Church in Newmarket.

Professor Gareth Lloyd Williams (K 46-54) died on 25th August 2021, aged 85. After leaving Framlingham he did his National Service with the Royal Signals, and went on to read Economics at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Alison Litz (M86-92) sadly died on 4 January 2023 at the age of just 46.  Her sister Marisa (P86-89) published the following on Facebook "My little sister, the one and only Alison Litz passed away unexpectedly on January 4, 2023. We were only 16 months apart and grew up like twins, thick as thieves. I’m so grateful that you were my sister and will miss your sense of humor, your laugh, your generous nature, and your kind, animal-loving heart. Sad that your time on this plane is up but rest easy knowing that you were greeted by mom, dad, and alll the doogums. Thanks for waiting for me to make the mad dash to Maine to be by your side. The world is a little dimmer today without one of its very best! ".

Roy Samuel Farman (K47-55) died peacefully on 22nd November 2022, with family at home in Masterton, aged 86 years. Dearly loved husband of Sandy.  A celebration of Roy's life was held in Masterton, New Zea on Saturday 26th November 2022 at 11.00am.

Bryan Ivory (K48-52) died in September 2022.  No other details at the present time.

Harley John Barnard (R58-62) died at the beginning of November 2022 aged 77.  He was a very successful Suffolk businessman and leaves a wife, 4 children and 7 grandchildren.  Click for EADT article.

Timothy William Gough (M80-85) died unexpectedly on 24 October 2022 while broadcasting live on GenX Radio Suffolk. He is suspected to have died from a heart attack mid-song during his programme, which he was broadcasting from home 35 miles from the station’s headquarters in Ipswich. His funeral is on 30th November as a private service for family only, but a memorial service is being held afterwards at Bury Cathedral at 2.15pm. More details of the funeral service can be found by clicking here

Nicholas Thompson Argent (R62-67) died pacefully on 12 October 2022. He was the brother of David Argent (R55-64).

Ian Donald Bruce TD DL (G43-48) passed away on 1 July 2022 in Norfolk.  A much-loved husband, father and grandfather, solicitor, past Major in the Territorial Army, past Provincial Grand Master and past Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of the Masons, and past Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk.

Daphne Hall (Hon OF) died on 19 July 2022 just short of age 98. She was the widow of Artie Hall, popular and approachable factotum at the College, officially styled Head Steward. Artie  died in 1998. Daphne had been living in a care home in Saxtead. The funeral is due to take place on 30 August in the College Chapel. 

Alain De Cadenet (K54-63) died on 1 July 2022 of cancer at the age of 76.  He was a distinguished racing driver known as ‘the Cad’ who once came third at Le Mans and found fame on television shows such as Channel 4’s Ride On. There will be a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Alain, at The London Oratory (Brompton Road, London, SW7 2RP), on Thursday 24th November, at 10:30am.

Robert (Brett) Bailey (K58-65) died on 30 June 2022 in New South Wales Australia, after a long illness. He was a talented artist and son of distinguished OF George (Peter) Brett Bailey (K34-38) who died in 2021.

Mrs Julie Latimer-Jones (Hon OF) died on Monday 20 June 2022.  She was an Honorary OF (Elected 1992), as was her late husband, Bill, who died in 2000.  Their children Bridget (P79-83) and David (Z77-85) both attended the College.  She was a fine golfer who played golf for both Hertfordshire and Suffolk and more recently was the Ladies Golf correspondent for the East Anglian Daily Times. A Service of Thanksgiving was held on Thursday 7th July 2022 at 3pm at Seven Hills Crematorium, Felixstowe Road, Nacton IP10 0FG and afterwards at Aldeburgh Golf Club, Saxmundham Rd, Aldeburgh IP15 5PE. Donation can be made via https://www.meningitis.org 

James Philip Vernon Frost (M78-82) died in 2022 whilst working in Tokyo, Japan.  No other details.

Peter Williams Wade (S45-49) died on 8th February 2022, aged 90 years. His sons Miles (S66-76), Jeremy (S69-79) and Julian (S71-81), all attended Brandeston and the College. There was a private family funeral on 1st March at Harrogate Cemetery and a Thanksgiving Service to celebrate his life at St Andrew's Church, Aysgarth, DL8 3SR on Monday 28th March at 11.30am, and a Reception afterwards at The Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn, DL8 5SG.  Donations are welcome to Royal British Legion c/o Sanderson & Co, Leyburn Business Park, Leyburn, DL8 5QA.

John Nicholas (Nick) Green Carley (G64-72) passed away suddenly on Thursday 30th December 2021 aged 68 after a short illness.  The funeral arrangements are as follows: Celebration of Nick’s life was held on the 11th February 2022 at 12.45 at Severn Hills Crematorium, Felixstowe Road, Nacton, Ipswich IP10 FG. LFT preferred, face mask compulsory, family flowers only, there is donation page set up in aid of the RSPB and Museum of East Anglian Life at https://nickcarley.muchloved.com.

Robert Charles Bowman Clarke (R59-64) passed away on Cyprus on 10 December 2021.  His son says that he was very fond of his time at the school and would often visit when back.  They both attended a lunch and cricket match in the summer 2018.  He was arranging to repatriate his body from Cyprus to the UK and organise a ceremony here.  His father was an author and features in the book section of Distinguished.

Rev Michael Booker (Hon OF) died on 28 November  2021.  He was Chaplain at the College from 1984 to 1999 and the father of Rachel Hotz (nee Booker) (P83-85). A Service of Thanksgiving for his life and ministry was held in St Michael’s Church, Framlingham on Wednesday 16th March at 2.30pm. All welcome.

Adrian Conrad Skeates (G51-55) died on 10 October 2021.

Barry Wilson (G48-52) died on 10 November 2021.

Patrick Joice (R87-91) was an inspirational Norfolk farmer who raised more than £50,000 for a mental health charity while battling both terminal cancer and depression. He has died peacefully in his sleep on 19 September 2021 at the age of 46.

Wing Commander Michael Kenneth Allport MBE (R54-62) died peacefully on 5 October 2021 in Sydney, Australia after a courageous battle with cancer.  His funeral is on Thursday 14 October 2021.  He is survived by his wife Bunny, 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

David Jeremy Gate (S44-49) died on 28 May 2021 after a long illness.  We were notified by his older brother John Gates (S44-48). He had a very full life having been a Restaurant owner & Shop keeper, Lecturer in Spanish at U3A ( UK ), Pilot Officer RAF, Sword of Honour at Cranwell, District Officer in the Mau Mau Rebellion Kenya 1950-52, Quantity Surveyor in West Africa, and much more.  He is survived by his wife Peggy, his daughter Karen and son Marcus, and numerous  grand children.

Kenneth George Mayhew RMWO (R29-34) it is with much sadness that we announce his death at the age of 104.  He died peacefully at home on 13 May 2021 with his family around him.  Ken was an extremely distinguished OF and one of only 4 living knights of the Military Order of William of the Netherlands and the only non-Dutch holder.

Jeremy John Temple (G52-59) died in May 2021.  He was house captain of Garrett. His ashes will be scattered in Italy where he lived.

Michael Stevens (G42-48) died on 28 April 2020 aged 86.

Thomas Edward Chappell (K09-11) died tragically in August 2018 at the age of just 22.

Robert (Bob) Anthony Wright (S54-58) died in April 2021 after a short illness.  Dearly loved husband of Marguerite, Dad to Jane, Emma and Sarah and brother to Lawrence (S63-68).  Funeral took place on 30th April 2021 at Hunstanton.

Wing Cdr George "Peter" Brett Bailey (K34-38) died peacefully on 14 April 2021 at his care home in Queensland Australia, just 2 weeks after his 99th birthday.  He leaves a son Brett Bailey (K58-65) who also lives in Australia. We are awaiting details of his funeral, but click on his name for his distinguished life.

John Durham (K46-49) died on 30 March 2021.  He was for many years our host at the Essex Supper at his golf course at the Warren Golf Club.

Graham John "Jack" Charles Brand (R56-64) died peacefully at home on 6 March 2021, with his family around him. Husband to Steph, father to Aliban and Jonny (deceased). A private service will be held at Barham Church on 22nd March 2021 at 12 noon.

Andrew Charles Franz Wilhelm Quinsee (S73-80) died suddenly on 13 February 2021 of a heart attack at the age of 59. ‘Bop’ as he was known was Head Boy in his last two terms in 1980. He was a big lad and played 1st XV rugby in the 2nd row, and batted in true ‘Haymaker’ fashion for the school and the Haymakers. He held the 100m record for quite a few years at both schools too which was remarkable given his size.  The funeral is on the 23rd March but for obvious reasons it is family only. However, the family are planning a commemoration service in the summer (Covid permitting).

George "Paddy" Newbery (Hon OF) died on Boxing Day 2020 in Norfolk after a long battle with MND.  We were informed by his son Jon Newbery (Z79-84) who lives in Sydney.  Paddy was Headmaster of Brandeston from 1980 to 1985.

David Bryan Mead (K49-54) died on 19 February 2021 in Colchester Hospital, Essex.  We were informed by Graham Osborne (G48-51).

Michael Cooke (Hon OF) died on 12 February 2021 in St Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich.  He was a master at the College from 1974 till 2018.

John Anthony Coles (G71-75) died on 2 February 2020. His brother Jeremy (G74-78) provided the following "John Coles (G71-75) was born in Nyasaland (Malawi) in October 1957 and passed away on February 2nd 2020 aged 62. He married Leigh in May 1991 and they had a son Glenn by both of  whom he is survived. A Childhood spent on a remote tobacco Estate was followed by Boarding  school (Eagle School Vumba) in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) from 65 to 70 and then onto Framlingham. John thoroughly enjoyed his time at Framlingham and was a keen sportsman – particularly enjoying Rugby. After leaving Framlingham John joined British Airways where he remained until retirement in 2015 – At British Airways he enjoyed a very senior position within their Corporate Procurement – During his career and following John’s retirement, he and Leigh travelled extensively. John was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer  in 2018 and after a severe operation and a long period of hospitalization he was given the all clear and returned home – Sadly in late 2019 it was discovered it had spread and he had a Brain tumour. He will be greatly missed." .

Rev Peter Graham Vellacott (Hon OF) died in January 2021. He was the former vicar of Brandeston.  We were notified by Bob Williams (Hon OF).

John Alan Ware (S42-47) died on 15 December 2020. We were notified by his niece.

Paul Wright (K42-50) died on 12 December 2020. He was a regular at the Norfolk Suppers and farmed in Lincolnshire.

Maurice Frederick Wonnacott (K64-69) died unexpectedly on 25 August 2020 while on holiday in Greece with his wife Sandy and 15 year old son.

Robin Adrian Foster-Clarke (R54-57) died suddenly on 11 November 2020 at James Paget Hospital. Much loved husband of Anne, father of Sarah (P84-86), James (Z78-86), and Sophie (P86-92). A private funeral was held on 30 November 2020. He was supporter of Norfolk Suppers in earlier years.

Christopher Gordon Subba-Row (R74-78) died at the young age of 59 on 27 September 2020.  He was the son of renouned cricketer Raman Subba-Row.  His funeral is on Tuesday 27 October.

John Whipp (Hon OF) died on 24 September 2020. He was Housemaster of Stradbroke, Head of German, very much responsible for the SOF Registrar and a Vice President of SOF.

Duncan Richard Miller (R47-54) died on 19 March 2020 in Dorchester, Dorset at the age of 83.

Charles (Peter) Smallpeice (K49-57) died on 9 August 2020 aged 80. Colin Wigg OF represented the SOF at  Earlham Crematorium Norwich on Wednesday 16th September.  His Italian wife Betty was appreciative that the OFs were represented and the tribute given by the vicar focused mainly on his considerable and generous support of both the Anglican and Catholic Cathedrals in Norwich.

Martin Andrew Sleeuw (G80-84) died on 16 June 2020. The East Anglian Daily Times said " It is with great sadness that we have heard of the untimely death of Martin Sleeuw. Martin was a skilled Chartered Surveyor and BREEAM accredited professional. He worked for a total of 11 years for Targetfollow Estates Limited as a senior director between 2001 and 2018. Martin was a major contributor to significant property projects in the UK and Germany, overseeing the refurbishment of Centre Point in London and Baskerville House in Birmingham as well as numerous other projects. Not only was his work high standard and of consistent exceptional quality - it was always done with integrity. Martin had a particular interest and enthusiasm for the environmental impact of property, which informed his work with Targetfollow and with the University of East Anglia. Whilst with UEA he was involved in the development and establishment of The Enterprise Centre - an award winning sustainable building. While his work was respected internationally, Martin was seen as a key figure and authority in the East Anglian real estate industry and his passing away leaves a presence that will be sorely missed. Within the industry where he had worked for 30 years, he had huge respect from his colleagues - many of whom were also close friends. "

Roger Cocksedge (G56-61) died of MND in 2012.  We were advised by his brother Martin Cockedge (G62-67) in July 2020.

Richard Arnold Oldershaw (G48-52) died on 1 May 2020 in Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. He would have been 85 on 20 May.  He leaves behind a widow Cindy, plus 2 sons and a daughter and 2 grandchildren.

Stephen Philip Llewellyn (R57-64) died on 8 May 2020 in Ipswich.  Known to a number of OFs through his time in Hong Kong as a barrister. We were notified by Ian Howard (S57-62). Click on his name for an interesting interview with him about his life and passion for opera.

Christopher Hamilton Beal (S53-57) died in Switzerland on 6 May 2020.  We were notified by his widow Esther.

Michael Anthony Gordon Spencer (R51-58) died suddently on 22 April 2020 aged 80.  No other details at present but he was a keen member of the OF Golf Club.

David John Bellamy (G51-60) died on 9 April 2020.  We were notified by Jim Butchard (G51-60) and David was brother of Chris (G54-64). He had had to go into hospital, and while there he had caught the corona virus.  Jim says "He and I both started at Brandeston in September 1951 and finished at Fram in summer of 1960.  He spent much of his working life at Harrods, ending as a buyer of reproduction furniture. He left Harrods to work for a reproduction furniture manufacturer in Ipswich.  He was a very good life-long  friend.". He had had a long battle with Parkinsons disease.  He was cremated at Hainault crematoria.   A Memorial Service has been arranged for 3 pm Sunday 5th September 2021 at St Michael's Church, Mount Road, Theydon Mount, Epping, CM16 7PP with refreshments afterwards at Theydon Bois Golf Club, CM16 4EH.

John Russell Simpson (K32-36) died on 3 April 2020 at the wonderful age of 101.  He died peacefully in his sleep at Campsea Ashe Nursing Home.  John was a former President of the SOF.

Michael Peter Anthony (Rosen) (S40-46) died on 18 March 2020 at the age of 91.  Brother of the late Anthony (S40-48) and in France Brian (S40-46).  Brian advises that he died peacefully in his sleep.

Donovan Charles Frazer (K74-78) died on 16 January 2020.  We were informed by his wife Kit.

(Walter) David Juby (K46-54) died on 22 October 2019 at home in New Zealand aged 83.  He was father of 6, grandfather of 18 and great grandfather of 6.  He was a vet who emigrated to NZ in 1967.  We were notified by fellow resident of NZ David Newson (S54-63) and Roy Farman (K47-55) another NZ resident and friend for 50 years helped with the obituary.

Andrew William Hancock (S52-57) died on 9 February 2020.  There will be a private family funeral followed by a memorial service in June 2020.

John Walden Edwards (K44-55) died on 12th January 2020 in Lister Hospital, Stevenage. He had been taken into hospital two weeks previously with a chest infection and never really recovered. Before that his hugely energetic input into Framlingham affairs had been curtailed by a series of strokes, one being particularly serious. A Memorial Service for John is awaiting Covid restrictions being lifted.

Dr Paul Michael Yate (S59-69) died it would appear on 24 May 2015.  His 2019 Framlinghamian was returned marked deceased.

Michael Alec Cooper (G45-48) died in 5 May 2018 aged 86.  We were notified by his son Neil in January 2020.

John Charles Rippon (R50-55) died in 19 December 2019.  We were notified by his sister.

Neil John Brenton (K60-64) died in October 2019.  We were notified by his son Mark.

William Greenfield Lack (K58-63) died on 30 May 2019 at the age of 74.  We were advised by his wife Jenny in December 2019.  He was one of 3 brothers to attend the College and was a distinguished conservator of monumental brasses.

James Peter Leeding (R46-51) died on 1 November 2019 at Bucklesham Grange Care Home after increasing health problems over a number of years. He was 85.

Mullie Borrett (Hon OF) and widow of Norman Borrett, died on 17 November 2019, just 2 months short of her 100th birthday.  The funeral will be at Weeley Crematorium , at 12.30 , on the 10th December, which just happens to the day that Norman Borrett died.  Afterwards will be at Frinton Golf Club for food / drinks etc..  Please let Richard Sayer know if you intend to attend by clicking here to emailing him..

Murray Gordon Munro (R58-65) died on 12th November 2019 in New South Wales, Australia. We were advised by his brother Robert (R54-60).  His other older brother Stuart (R55-62) also attended the College.

Dominic James Church (S08-10) died on 29 June 2019 at the age of just 26.  A funeral service was held on 25th September for family and close friends at The Church of St Peter & St Paul in Wangford. His sister Gabby (P08-11) say that after leaving the college Dom travelled and worked in Australia for a year before returning home to see the family. During that time he was hit by a car which left him with life-threatening injuries. After recovering, a few years later he went back across the world to New Zealand where, among many other achievements, he became a qualified solo skydiver.  Read her full eulogy by clicking on his name.

Alfred Byars Molson (K38-43) died on 31 March 2019 at the age of 93 in Houston, Texas.  He was regularly in touch up until about a year before his death.

Richard John Alexander Kell (S66-73) died in July 2019.  Retired GP and health campaigner, who found motor neurone disease, has died aged 64.

Zella Godfrey (Hon OF) died on 12 July 2019.  Her funeral will be at Worlingworth Church on the 25 July 2019 at 2 30

Richard Anthony Jenkinson (K69-76) died on 17 July 2019 aged 62 after being diagnosed with cancer in March 2019.  We were advised by his twin brother Guy (K69-76).  Funeral arrangements and remembrance service to be arranged.

John Michael Guttridge (R54-59) died on 14 June 2019 after a long battle with illness. We were advised by his younger brother Richard (R60-65).

Professor Nicholas Rutter (S57-63) died on 8 June 2019. We were informed by his younger brother John (S57-67).

William John Craske (K39-46) died in March 2019 at the age of 90.

Peter Mark Liell (R52-58) died on 10 June 2019 after a long battle with Parkinson. The funeral will be at 10:30am on Friday 5th July at St Ethelreda’s Church, Old Hatfield AL9 5HX.  Afterwards we will gather at Riding School, Hatfield House. No flowers are requested and any donations should be to Parkinson’s UK. 

Curtis "John" Capon (R48-56) died on 8 April 2019 after a long illness aged 80. The funeral service will be held at Walberswick Church on Monday, April 29, at 11:30 a.m. He played in the rugby team in 1955 and farmed at Wilby for many years. He contributed the Brandeston Hall book.

John Rixon (S65-70) died on 14 January 2019 aged 64.  He was married for over 40 years to Jonathan Amos (S67-71) sister Sarah.

Edwin Hugh Cutting (38-44) died back on 12 June 2018 aged 91.  He had suffered from Alzheimers for the last 9 years of his life.

Richard Cullinan (K55-62) died unexpectedly whilst on holiday in South Africa on 10 February 2019. Funeral service on Thursday 14 March 2019 at 1100 at St George’s Church,Brede, East Sussex TN31 6HG.

Andrew Martin Bennett (G74-81) died on 15th February 2019 aged 58 in New South Wales, Australia. We were advised by his wife Rachael. Occupational Therapist in Kempsey, NSW.

Kevin Kerry (R63-70) died on 1st February 2019 aged 66. There was a memorial service at St Michael's Church, Framlingham on Friday 25th February 2019 at 14.00.  We were advised by his James.

Douglas Robin (Rob) McLean (K42-48) sadly died on 2nd February 2019 aged 87. There was a funeral service at St Edmund’s Church, Kessingland, Suffolk , NR33 7TP  on Friday 15th February 2019 at 11.30 am.  Rob was a regular at Norfolk Suppers and Colin Wigg (G48-54) attended the funeral and represented SOF. Colin reports "Rob was born at Ivy Farm Kessingland (next to the church) where his family farmed for more than 125 years. A large congregation included his widow Sonia, his wife Mary and their six children, Susan, Marion, Alison, Sarah, James and Robert.  Michael Fuller (S49-58) was also present. Family and friends gathered after the service at Carlton Manor Hotel."

Kenneth Irvine MacKenzie (K45-53) died on 23 October 2018 in Western Australia.

Anthony Colin Church (R51-57) sadly died on the 14th December 2018 after a long illness. Father of Jayne, Timothy and Suzannah, Grandpa of eleven. There was a private cremation followed by a Thanksgiving Service at Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford on 25th January 2019 at 2:00pm. Donations in memory of Anthony for Macmillan Cancer Support may be sent to H & A W Palmer Ltd, Little St. Mary's, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9LQ

Shirley Robinson (Hon OF) died on 13 December. She had, through 2018, been bravely battling a diagnosis of terminal cancer and, in her last few weeks, had been cared for at Grove Court Nursing Home in Woodbridge. She taught at Brandeston for more than 30 years, the greater part of that time as HoD Science, and always a stickler for the pursuit of academic excellence. She will be remembered by generations of young Brandestonians as the speediest of statisticians, ensuring that results appeared, as if by clockwork, at Sports Day, the Inter-House Cross Country Championships and Annual Swimming Sports events.  She had OF sons Nigel (G64-74) and Martin (G67-77) and daughter Jane (P78-79). The funeral will be on 28th December, for family only, but any donations in memory of Shirley, will be gratefully received by St. Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich.

Peter Hughes (G52-56) died on 26th September 2018 after about a year’s sickness. He died in the Palliative Care Centre in Gordonvale, near Cairns, with his wife Janet by his side. He had had an 80th birthday party in July, which OF Chris Shaw (K50-56) also attended. His funeral was on 5th October 2018 in Cairns.

Jeremy Simon Page (K62-70) died on 28 August 2018 at the age of 67 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.  He was a former Head Boy.  The funeral will be at 14.00 on Friday 14 September in Brockenhurst at St Saviours Church (just near their house).

Leonard David Brook (S36-40) died on 9 August 2018 at the age of 94.  There will be a Service of Celebration for his life at Sts. Peter & Paul’s Church, West Mersea, CO5 8QD  at 12 noon on Wednesday 19th September. After the service all are invited to West Mersea Yacht Club for drinks and a buffet lunch.

Norman Alexander D'Oyley Buck (R51-55) died in early June at home in Sussex.  He was a member of Piltdown Golf Club for 49 years.  He was a talented sportsman and played hockey for Sussex. He worked in the tobacco industry and in retirement he became a District Councillor in Sussex.  His funeral was 26 June 2018 at 12 noon at St Margaret’s Church, Buxted, Sussex and after at Buxted Park Hotel.

Roger Dixon (Hon OF), who was assistant College Chaplain, BH School Chaplain while also being Vicar of Brandeston & Kettleburgh, died on 15 April 2018 in Cardiff after a short illness. He was Senior Guide at Llandaff Cathedral and a Funeral Requiem was arranged for Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, CF5 2LA at 1.00pm on Tuesday 1 May with a Memorial Service and interment following at Brandeston All Saints, IP13 7AQ at 11.00am on Friday 29 June.

Stephen Thomas Sayer (S58-63) died peacefully on 14th March 2018, aged 72, after a 20 year battle with cancer. He was the much-loved brother of Richard Sayer (S56-61). There was a family only funeral with all welcome to a service of thanksgiving at 2.30pm, Tuesday 5th June, at Southwark Cathedral.

Paul Kingston Rudd (R56-60), known as Kingston peacefully passed away on 26th December 2017, at home in Guernsey (his home for 30 years).  He was born in 1943.

Andrew Lister Cope (R78-86) died of cancer at the age of 49 in Alicante Spain.  He leaves a sister Sanita.

John Thorne Blake (1937-39) died on 8 January 2018 in Madrid Spain. Despite being brought up in Tangier, Morocco with his brother Elisha (1937-39) they both attended the College travelling by boat.  His son Michael Blake (K72-76) also attended the College.  His funeral was held on Friday 19 January 2018 in San Jeronimo El Real, Madrid, Spain.

Philip Howell Hopkins (S34-39) died on 19 December 2017 at the age of 93.  His funeral will be held on Wednesday 24 January 2018 at 3.20pm at Basildon Crematorium, Bowers Gifford, Essex followed by a reception at Saxon Hall Hotel, Aviation Way, Southend.

Philip Hugh de-WHALLEY (Hon OF) passed away peacefully at home with his family on December 24, 2017, aged 94 years. He was husband to Eleanor and father of Simon. Funeral service was held at Dennington Church on Monday, January 8, 2018, at 1.30 p.m. followed by interment in the Churchyard. 

Stewart Graham Birt (S56-61) died on 1 January 2018 at the age of 75 after suffering for some months with both heart and cardiovascular ailments and finally with emphysema. He was the brother of Andrew Birt (S55-58) and John Birt (S59-63). John died just over a year earlier. He leaves a partner Julie and daughter Tara.  His funeral was held on Monday, 15th January followed by a thansgiving service at the Holy Trinity Church, Gidleigh, Devon TQ13 8HR.

Bernard Oliver Tickner MBE (37-40) creator of Fullers Mill Garden, West Stow, died peacefully at Pinford End Nursing Home, Hawstead, on November 7th 2017, aged 93 years. Beloved husband of the late Betzy (known as Bess). Private funeral. A Tribute and Celebration Service was held on Tuesday 16th January at 11:00 at St Mary’s Church, Bury St Edmunds (next door to the Cathedral).

Cynthia Royle Broad (née Crowther), the widow of the late Richard Broad (Hon OF and former head of Brandeston) died peacefully on 24th October 2017, aged 87. The funeral was at St Mary's, Yate near Bristol at 12.30pm on 9th November. No flowers please, any donations to be split between St Mary's and Dementia UK.

Jonathan Hulley (2010-16) died as a result of a road accident on 1 October 2017 at the age of just 19. The was a memorial service on Friday 27 October at the College at 3pm to celebrate his life.

Brian Wilson Aldiss (36-39) renouwned writer, particularly of science fiction, died on 18 August 2017 on his 92nd birthday.

Bryan Leslie Shelley (G39-44) passed peacefully away after prolonged suffering on 24th April aged 91. The funeral/requiem took place at St Johns Bathwick, Bath on Friday 19th May at 12 noon.

John Adair Adnams (S38-40) died on 22 July 2017. He, like his father and grandfather before him, had devoted his life to the Adnams brewery and were all at the College. His son Jonathon Adnams OBE (S65-73) is the current Chairman of Adnams Brewery and in total 8 members of the family have attended the College - see family tree.

Peter Ratcliffe Simpson (K32-40) died on 8 July 2017 aged 94 with his widow Hetta and 2 sons at his bedside. He had suffered a bad fall 7 days earlier. He is one of 29 Simpsons over 5 generations starting from the very first day the school opened in 1865, to have attended the College. He was our 10th oldest living OF and brother of Commander John Simpson (K32-36) our 2nd oldest living OF who lives in Framlingham. There was a service on Saturday 23 September 2017 at The Coastguard Station, Munna Point, Noosaville, Queensland, Australia. OFs were invited by Hetta to come and say goodbye to him and if you click on the link you can see wonderful photos of this day.

John James Maulden (G45-50) died on 2 July 2017. He had been in poor health for some time. In accordance with John’s wishes, his funeral will be a cremation at 7 Hills Crematorium, Ipswich, at 10.30am on Monday 31st July. This will be principally for Family, but close friends and colleagues will be welcome, particularly any who cannot attend the Service of Thanksgiving (Thursday 31st August, 2.30pm in the College Chapel). The funeral directors are Moore Brothers, of Framlingham (01728 723448). No flowers please, but if people would like to make a donation in John’s memory, his preferred charities were East Anglian Air Ambulance and Cancer Research UK.

Professor Charles Edward Rossiter (S49-55) died on 9 July 2017 near Cape Town, South Africa of pneumonia related to the dementia he had suffered from for some years. He leaves a widow Jane and daughter who lives in USA.  His memorial gathering, which will be a very low-key event and not a religious service, will take place on Monday 24th July at 3pm in Helderberg Village at the Talani Terrace venue.

John Frederic Capps (R46-53) died on 14 June 2017 at All Hallows Nursing Home agred 79. He was an organiser of the Norfolk Supper. His funeral was on Friday 7 July 2017 at 2pm at St Ethelbert's Church, Thurton, Norwich. Colin Wigg represented the Society at his funeral and gave the following report "The thatched roof Norman Church, situated high above the village was filled with over one hundred mourners including John's wife Maureen, their four children and grandchildren Anna and Cathy who offered poems and readings of The Windmill by Jonas Goncalves and The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The eulogy was delivered by Ian, John’s son who made several references to his memorable time at Framingham College where he developed his love of hockey under the guidance of Norman Borrett.  He was the regular first team goalkeeper for Norwich Grasshoppers for many years and a highly respected hockey umpire once his playing days were over. The congregation was reminded by Ian that his father was a Past President of the Institute of British Foundrymen, Chairman of the Friends of Norfolk Windmills together with numerous committee positions he held supporting historical local and national interests.  John together with his wife Maureen organised the OF Norfolk Suppers at Bawburgh Golf Club until poor health sadly intervened a few years ago. John’s elder brother Peter, also educated at the College pre deceased him a few years earlier. Several fellow OFs, well known to John were unfortunately unable to attend, however Colin Wigg and John Ling were present. Mourners then gathered at the nearby George and Dragon for ample refreshments and poignant reflections."

John Nelson Raynham (R45-50) died on 5 December 2016. We were notified of his death by his widow in May 2017. He was a retired garage proprieter and had a brother also at the College Peter Raynham (R53-57).

Patrick Allen Johnson (G50-55) died on 3 April 2017 and his funeral is on 26 April 2017. He is survived by his wife.

Ivor Noel Hume OBE (36-39) died on 4 February 2017 in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA at teh age of 89. He had been a prolific writer up until his death.

Michael John Waldren (K61-64) died on 27 December 2016. He had been in poor health for some time. He is survived by his wife, Sue.

William Ronald Pine (K34-41) died of pneumonia on 14 October 2016. He had been in poor health for some time. He was living in Felixstowe and  is survived by his wife, Audrey.

Jolyon Benjamin St. Pierre Bunbury (41-46) died on 12 October 2016 aged 83.  We were notified of his death by Roger Hammersley (S44-49). More details to follow.

Timothy Gordon Askew (K48-54) died peacefully at home on 10 September 2016, aged 78. There was a service to celebrate his life at St Mary’s Church, Wilby on Saturday October 8th at 11.00 am.  No dress code, bright colours welcome. Donations in his memory for East Anglian Air Ambulance c/o Rosedale Funeral Home, 63 Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4JE

Keith Harold Dann (S48-50) died peacefully at KooWeeRup Hospital near Melbourne on 17 August 2016 aged 82. He leaves a wife Pat and 4 children.

Peter Victor Bellamy (G55-61) died on 24 June 2016. His funeral took place on Thursday 14 July 2016 at Chelmsford Crematorium at 10.30am. 

John Geoffrey Birt (S59-63) died in Bangkok, Thailand on 21 May 2016.  His Thai friends gave him a Buddhist send off the following weekend on Koh Samui.  A memorial service was held in the UK at the Royal Military Academy Chapel at Sandhurst for a service at Noon on Friday 30th September 2016, followed by a reception in the Indian Army Memorial Room.

David Edward Mason BEM (S55-59) died at home in Wallington, Surrey on 13 May 2016, aged 74. He was a past SOF President and chair of Trustees for many years.  His funeral took place at Croydon Crematorium on Monday 6th June at 2.15. He leaves his wife Anne, sons Simon and James and 4 grandchildren.

John David Douglass Kestin (R31-40) died in a care home in Tetbury on 14 December 2015, aged 93. He supported church and community activities, and enjoyed watching a combined total of ten grandchildren grow up. Much loved and missed by them and by son Tim (R60-69) and daughter Jane. 

Reginald William (Bill) Cooper RN FRIN  (G41-46) died in Chatham, Kent on 7 March 2016, aged 87. The funeral took place at Medway Crematorium, Robin Hood Ln, Chatham ME5 9QU on Wednesday 16th March.  Bill and his wife Laurel spent many years sailing around the world and wrote books on their experiences. 

Michael Leon Mullender MBE (G42-50) died of metastic prostate cancer in Basinstoke on 18 December 2015 aged 84. A celebration of his lfe took place at St Mary's Church, Old Basing near Basingstoke on 6 January 2016. He was awarded the MBE in Queen's Birthday Honour list in 1983 for services to the Ministry of Defence and voluntary work with young people - he gave over 60 years service to the Scout Association. He leaves a wife Beryl and three sons.

William Barrington-Phillips (K40-48) of Wargrave, Bucks passed away on Jan 9th aged 85. The funeral took place at Chilterns Crematorium on Monday 25th January. His wife, Gladys, had pre-deceased him. There were no children, but William’s brother, Murray (K52-58), is also an Old Framlinghamian. William was a mining engineer by profession. 

Ernest John Robin Ludlow TD (K45-49) died on 19 January 2016 in Warminster.  Much loved husband of Primrose and father of Charles and Laura.  Crematorium service will take place at the West Wiltshire Crematorium on 9 February 2016 at 2.30pm.

Canon William Harry Loveless (R33-38) died on 16 May 2015 at Addenbrokes Hospital, Cambridge.

Edward (Ted) Charles Woods (G38-44) died peacefully in Ipswich Hospital on 23 September 2015, aged 87 years. Very much loved husband to Jean and dad to Alan Woods (R63-68) and Gillian. Also grandfather and great-grandfather. Funeral service was at St. Augustine’s Church, Ipswich on 8 October at 2.00pm.

Air Vice Marshal Peter King GCB OBE FRCSE (S36-39) died peacefully at St. Luke’s Hospital on 11th November 2015, aged 93. Dearly loved husband of Doreen (deceased). Adored father of Sue and Nigel (S60-65) (deceased). Loving grandfather to James, Ben, Emily, Tom and Ollie and great-grandfather to Charlie. Survived by his partner Joy. Funeral to be held on Friday 27th November at St Mary’s, Woodstock at 12 noon.

Anthony John Randell (S49-52) died on 24 April 2015 aged 79 years. A service of thanksgiving was held on Monday 11 May at St.Nicholas Church North Walsham. Ken Mayhew knew him.

Jerry Lee (K59-64) on 13 April 2015 in Gozo, Malta. We were advised of his death by OF Rob Goodale (K58-66). The link is to a photo of Jerry playing the drums in the Dennington All Stars at the Millenium Ball.

Geoffrey Gyford Peck (S38-44) died on 3 April 2015 following a long illness. OFs Dudley Holland and Robert Mayhew attended his funeral. Click on the link to read the eulogy at his funeral. His brother Harry Gyford Peck (S38-43) died in 2010.

Edmund Hudson Baker MBE (K43-50) died peacefully on 26 November 2014 in West Suffolk Hospital. Father of Paul Baker (K80-90). There was a service of Thanksgiving on 12 December 2014 at 2.30 p.m. at St Mary's Church, Old Newton, IP14 4PH. He was awarded the MBE in 1993 Queens Birthday Honour, when he was Assistant Chief Commandant, Suffolk Special Constabulary.

Robin Geoffrey Kiddle (K42-46), father of John Kiddle (BH and K65-74), died on 30th April 2015. He had been ill with dementia for some 3 years. His condition deteriorated after a fall late in 2014 and he went into a Care Home in January 2015, where he passed away.

Robert Lynn Stevens (S51-55) on 28 May in his sleep on holiday in France. He had been ill and disabled for some years, so, as his brother John, puts it: "we are grateful that his end was so peaceful". There was a memorial Service at St Mary's, Mapedurwell, Hants on Thursday 18th June at 2.30. He leaves his widow and tw