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SOF Annual Dinner - 25 March 2023

College Crest
Kate Jackson writes :  I am writing to invite Old Framlinghamians, together with their partners and guests, to this year’s Annual Dinner, at Framlingham College, on Saturday 25th March 2023, 7 – 7.30pm.  Prior to the Dinner, the Society will hold its AGM at 6.15pm.

The cost of the dinner is £32 per head, including a glass of wine with your meal. Younger OFs will be subsidised – the first 20 OFs, under 30 years, to apply and pay for places will be charged only £16.

Click here to see full details of menu and how to pay, plus click here for the application form.

Please could you reply to kjackson@framlinghamcollege.co.uk if you would like to attend, informing me of your menu choice. The closure date for applications is Monday 13th March 2023.

Death of John Waugh

College Crest
We are sad to announce that John Waugh (K41-48) died on 29th January 2023, aged 91. His funeral is on 21st February 2023 at 12.00 noon at St Mary’s Church in Newmarket. John Was a regular attendee at OF events, a member of Council and SOF Vice-President.

The 2021/2022 Framlinghamian is digital once again

The Framlinghamian 2021-22 - front cover - small
Sadly, a massive increase in printing and postage costs has made it simply too expensive to circulate a physical book to SOF members again this year. The good news is that the digital version is now available to read here .

Dick Watson Trophy 2022

Dick Watson Trophy 2022 - picture - small
David Turnbull writes :We once again competed in the Dick Watson over the weekend of 8/9th October 2022. A late call off due to illness presented a first opportunity for prestigious young star George Jackson to represent the OF’s.

OFGS finished 4th and you can read the full details by clicking here.

Memories of the old Tuck Shop - who can you spot?

Mid-50s;Sm Howard -tuck shop-small
Norman Porter (K50-57) has dug out a picture of the old Tuck Shop at the College (passed on to him by Tony Martin (G47-55) many years ago) and needs your help.

He thinks Tony’s brother (Peter Martin (G49-54)) is in the middle with wavy hair, with Richard Wilson (G53-56) to his left with dark hair. Norman thinks he can also spot a Gooderham, Smallpeice, Mitchell, Shaw and Williman.

Who can you spot in the attached (click here for larger version) and email Norman at nhp@rillcott.co.uk who will report back when close to completion.

Norman observes that they must have all been hungry! He has fond memories of the old Tuck Shop and of Sergeant Major Howard, doubling up, tripling up really, as Tuck Shop Manager, PE supremo and CCF, are particularly interesting.

Two OFs in the political and media news

David Bull & Daisy Cooper-small
We’re grateful to Bob Williams (Hon OF) for always keeping his eyes out for OFs making the news.  He writes “OF’s David Bull (Z80-87) and Daisy Cooper (P97-99) have an increasingly strong profiles within the world of politics and the media. It might well be of interest to those who are unaware, that David's latest incarnation, as one of the regular team of presenters on the relatively new Freeview TALKTV all day current affairs/ rolling news channel - (launched this last April by Rupert Murdoch) has been impressive. Murdoch seems to have swept up a clutch of folk, with certain gravitas, who have been round the block a few times to mould into a really interesting team to interact with the public. David is doing a good job here... (Currently presenting 07.00-10.00 Sat & Sunday mornings, with occasional appearances elsewhere, to cover for other colleagues).

Of further passing interest is the fact that both David and Daisy are currently in post as Deputy Leaders of their respective political parties, David for ‘Reform UK’ and Daisy for the Liberal Democrats. Daisy has, since 2021, been Lib Dems spokesperson on Health, Well-being & Social Care. Both are thus likely to be putting themselves about fairly stridently as the next General Election begins to pre-occupy the nation, whether it creeps up on sooner or later! Daisy featured as a member of the BBC 'Question Time’ panel on two occasions in 2022, most recently, the programme screened from Winchester in mid-December.”

Brian Rosen (S40-46) recalls death of George VI and coronation of HM Queen

Brian Rosen-small with BL flag
Reflection by Brian Rosen (S40-46) on the death of HM The Queen “When the king, George VI, died 70 years ago It was quite unexpected and we had just 9 days to prepare to play our part in the State Funeral on 15 February, 1952. I was one of the 10,000 troops lining the route from Westminster Hall (where some 305,000 had paid their respects at the Lying in State) to Paddington station, from where the late king’s coffin continued its onward journey, in a train hauled by the aptly named ‘ Windsor Castle', to Windsor, for the Funeral Service in St.George’s Chapel. It was a pretty long, hard day for us and everybody was still shocked and, of course, very saddened, at the king’s sudden passing.

This was in some contrast to a similar privilege, 16 months later when I had another very long day, starting out from Olympia where we had to muster very early in the morning, marching in the Coronation Parade; a much more joyous occasion. As representatives of the 21 SAS (Artists) TA Marching Contingent, we led the Territorial Army in the Procession. With the weather forecast for 2 June, 1953, for somewhat mixed weather, I well remember, having marched up Park Lane and set to make an eastward turn into Oxford St, the heavens opened and we received a hefty soaking, with the blanco on our belts running down all over our military uniforms. A fair old mess to sort out at the end of the day!”

Carols by 2 OFs included in service at Manchester Catherdral

John LeGrove (K67-75) writes:  "You may be interested to know that at Manchester Cathedral's service of Nine Lessons and Carols on 22 December 2022, there were two carols by OFs. Well, sort of. One was an arrangement, by me, of the traditional English carol I saw three ships. The other was a fully original composition by Gerald Hendrie (K49-52) called As I outrode this enderes night, which crops up every so often in carol services. In my view, Hendrie's music deserves to be much better known; there are some superb choral works.

I play the organ at Manchester Cathedral every so often as a deputy organist, which makes a change from the lovely but tiny village organ over which I usually preside."

Professor Gerald Hendrie (K49-52) is included in the Distinguished OF section - click here for his biography.

Overseas Bag 2022 - Full version now available

tuna - Mike Bullock cropped-small
Chris Essex (K69-75) writes: The 2022 Framlinghamian will be published online at some point.  As usual it will contain a heavily edited version of all the news and photos I have received over the last year from OFs around the world.  For your Christmas reading I have now published the full version of the Overseas Bag for 2022 in the People section of the website. This full edition runs to 27 pages distilled from over 200 emails received/sent over the last year.  It will be emailed to all overseas OFs in the next few days.  As you will see, this edition starts off again with an appeal from me for someone to come forward to take over the Overseas Bag.  Its really enjoyable keeping in touch.

The photo featured in this news article shows Mike Bullock (R55-59) landing a tuna off South Africa.

I earnestly hope we will see an increased number of reunions being organised around the world.  As always I will help with mailing lists and publicity but can’t promise to be able to attend them all! If you are interested in helping/attending then please get in touch with me via email

Death of OF while live broadcasting

Tim Gouch - Gen X Radio - small
Tim Gough (M80-85) died unexpectedly on 24 October 2022 while broadcasting live on GenX Radio Suffolk. He is suspected to have died from a heart attack mid-song during his programme, which he was broadcasting from his home 35 miles from the station’s headquarters in Ipswich. His funeral is on 30th November as a private service for family only, but a memorial service is being held afterwards at Bury Cathedral at 2.15pm. More details of the memorial service can be found by clicking here

National and regional newspapers carried obituaries, including The Guardian, Daily Mail and the Ipswich Star.

A number of OFs will be attending the memorial service, and many of his contemporaries living locally, may wish to attend also.  A small group of OFs have made donations to raise funds to allow the installation of a new defibrillator in Tim’s honour, to be located in Framlingham somewhere on the market square, if possible, or another suitable location nearby.

Here is a link to his Distinguished entry which now includes a wonderful tribute given by Ruth Elwood (P80-84) at the Norfolk Supper in November 2022.