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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
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Site Access

Several members have experienced problems accessing the site due to the security settings in their browser/system affecting the way cookies are handled. Whilst this should not affect access to the site in general (or access to these help pages), it can affect the Directory, forum and other areas of the site where members need to be logged in. If you are experiencing these problems, please use the procedure below to adjust your system settings:

Option 1
For your system's general Internet settings (from the Control Panel) try lowering the overall security level to enable all cookies to be accepted by your machine... Although not the "ideal" solution in today's high-risk Internet (with all sorts of nefarious cookies flying around) it does help identify if this is the problem you are having with the site.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer – Tools > Internet Options > Privacy (or the "Privacy" pane in "Internet Options" from the Control Panel) - adjust the slider to reflect the desired level - the "lower" the more cookies, etc that will be allowed through.

Option 2
It is possible to enable specific sites (such as SoF) access to drop cookies onto your machine without compromising your overall system security settings.

In the above-mentioned panel ("Privacy" in "Internet Options") there is, below the slider, a button that allows access to site-specific over-rides to the system-wide setting set by the slider. In the panel that pops up you can specify which websites are always, or never allowed to use cookies on your machine. Simply add www.oldframlinghamian.com to this list and "always allow".
This setting only applies to cookies. See below for more comprehensive site-specific security.

Option 3
Also in "Internet Options", next to the "privacy" pane, there is also a "security" pane. In this pane there are several "zones" that can be configured... Of particular interest (in this context) is the "Trusted Sites" zone...

Simply add http://www.oldframlinghamian.com to the list of trusted sites...
Of all the above, option 3 is the most likely to provide a 'lasting' cure - particularly if the slider mentioned in option 1 is set to a high level - which, as briefly explained, for today's Internet is a good idea as this provides protection against a number of nefarious cookies, pop-ups and other www widgets floating about that can cause damage and/or compromise your privacy...