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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden




Here (UK News) There (Overseas Bag) Distinguished OFs



World War I - War Memorial

The memorial to those Old Framlinghamians who lost their lives in World War 1 is on the west wall of the Chapel. Sir Thomas Graham Jackson Bart, RA, one of the greatest architects of his time, designed the memorial. It was unveiled by Major General Sir Alexander Wallace KCB (1870-74).




The memorial bears the names of 144 boys and 4 masters and has the following inscription:




In thankfulness to God for the return of peace and to the undying memory of those Old Boys of this School who gave their lives for Justice for the Liberty of the World and for their King and Country.

1914 – 1919

The full names of all those listed on the memorial are shown below, together with their years at the College. Additionally for each one there is further information available by clicking on their names.

Captain Marmaduke John Norman ABBAY (1899-1902) Captain, Indian Army
Bernard Y ALDWINCKLE (1906-08) Lt, Royal Field Artillery
Henry Christie AMENDT (1903-04) City of London Yeomanry
Hubert Frank ANTHONY (1911-16) Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
Rev Geoffrey Seldon ARNOLD-WALLINGER (1905-08) Inns of Court. Died during a training accident.
John Gordon Barrymore BAINES (1913-14) 2nd Lt, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, attached to Royal Flying Corp.
Frank William BALLS (1909-10) Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
James Girling BALLS (1907-09) Royal Field Artillery
George Frank BARTON (1906-13) 2nd Lt, Norfolk Regiment
Charles Hereward BECKER (1912-14) Major, East Surrey Regiment. Whilst the memorial clearly says Major all the evidence points to him being a Captain.
James Norman BENNETT (1905-11) Lieut, Australian Light Horse. Killed in action at Nordenhoek, Belgium on 4 October 1917.
Joseph Charles BENNETT (1908-12) Sussex Yeomanry
Captain The Rev William BENTON (1885-91) Captain, Manchester Regiment. Played cricket for Middlesex.
Arnold Joseph BEVERIDGE (1901-03) South African Heavy Artillery
Gerald Castledon BLANDY (1900-02) Captain, Royal Warwick Regiment
Andrew BOA (1897-1901) Machine Gun Corps
Robert BRUNGER DSO (1903-11) Captain, Norfolk Regiment. Commemorated on the Framlingham Town Memorial – see www.roll-of-honour.org/Suffolk/Framlingham.html
Frank Cuthbert BUCHANAN (1905-07) Australian Expeditionary Force
John Ronald BUCKMASTER (1906-09) Australian Expeditionary Force
John Coulson BUNN (1908-10) 2nd Lt, South Staffordshire Regiment
Sydney Gasking BURCH (1903-09) 2nd Lt, South Notts Hussars
Samuel Newman CARLEY (1894- 2nd Lt, 207th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps. Died on 25 September 1917 at the age of 32. Buried at Tyne Cot Cemetery and on the Framlingham Town Memorial – see www.roll-of-honour.org/Suffolk/Framlingham.html
Thomas John CATCHPOLE (1900-04) Captain, Suffolk Regiment
John Stanford CAVALIER (1896-1900) Australian Field Artillery
Godfrey Lionel John CAVENDISH (1895-1901) Captain, Indian Army. Has the unusual distinction of having 2 headstones on his grave in France.
Arthur Cyril Heffer CHALK (1909-11) Kings Royal Rifle Corp. Wounded 9 April 1917 near Arras but died 4 June 1918 in Cambridge.
Norman Bowen CHALLENOR (1900-03) Captain, Royal Berkshire Regiment
John Turnbull CHANDLER (1909-12) Machine Gun Corps
Charles Alain CHISNALL (1898-1904) Lt, Canadian Expeditionary Force, but attached to Royal Air Force. Brother of George Henry Chisnall (1893-1903) named below and another brother who went to the College.
George Henry CHISNALL FRCS (1896-1903) Lt, Royal Army Medical Corp. Killed while tending the wounded. Brother of Charles Alain Chisnall (1898-1904) named above and another brother who went to the College. We have had confirmation from the RAMC records and the de Ruvignys Roll of Honour, that he was the first FRCS doctor to be killed in WW1.
Sydney CLARK (1884-87) Captain, Royal Army Medical Corp
Alexander Sydney CLARK (1899-1905) Royal Naval Division
Arthur Ronald CLARKE (1907-08) Princess Patricia Light Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Sydney CLIFT (1900-04) Australian Expeditionary Force
Lionel Drummond Kylie COLLINS (1907-10) 2nd Lt, Seaforth Highlanders. He was reported missing after the German attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt on 12 May 1916, when the Colonel and most of the senior officers were either killed or wounded and a week afterwards his body was found at the entrance to a communication trench leading to a trench held by the enemy, his servant lying beside him. He is buried at Vermelles British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France, Plot IV, Row D, Grave 25.
Henry Dolling COX (1904-10) Queen’s Westminster Rifles
Charles Hutton CROWDY (1903-05) Captain, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Robert Gordon CUTHBERT (1900-01) Australian Expeditionary Force. Killed in action on 26 December 1917, aged 32. He and his family had moved to Western Australia and he is remembered on both the Dumbleyung and Nyabing War Memorials. He is interred at Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, France.
Francis Hugh DAVIES (1896-99) Lt, Dorset Regiment
Charles Cecil Ewart DEEBLE (1909-11) Royal Engineers
Herbert George DOWNING MC (1905-08) 2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC) (brother of below)
Richard Leslie DOWNING (1905-07) Royal Field Artillery (brother of above)
Cecil Frederick Napier DRAPER (1906-08) 2nd Lt, Middlesex Regiment
Ernest Richard DRING (1897-1903) Private, 7th Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment. Died on 22 September 1918 at the age of 31. Commemorated on the Tehran Memorial and on the Framlingham Town Memorial – see www.roll-of-honour.org/Suffolk/Framlingham.html
Stephen FIELD (1895-98) Captain, Royal Army Medical Corp
Herbert John FISHER (1899-1903) Lt, Australian Field Artillery
Gilbert Clare FITZHERBERT MC (1907-13) Lt, Yorks & Lancs Regiment
AMIRAUX Silver FLETCHER (1896-1900) 2nd Lt, Gurkha Rifles. Killed in action at Sulva Bay in 1915. Prior to WW1 was a tea planter in Assam.
Gordon Muriel FLOWERDEW VC (1894-99) Lt, Canadian Expeditionary Force
John Samuel FRY (1906-08) 2nd Lt, Transvaal Scottish Regiment
Percy Claude GARNHAM (1885-90) Lt, Royal Naval Division
Percy GARRARD (1881-86) Major, London Regiment attached to King’s Africa Rifles
Gordon GLANFIELD (1907-09) Lt, Norfolk Regiment
Dudley Fletcher GOODWIN (1908-09) Captain, Royal Field Artillery
Herbert Hamilton HAIG-SMELLIE (1888-94) 2nd Lt, Norfolk Regiment
Hugh Wilfred HALL (1902-07) 2nd Lt, London Regiment
Frank HARRIS (1910-12) Div Engineer, Royal Naval Division
Geoffrey Olden HATCHER (1913-14) Suffolk Yeomanry
Claude Dawson HEMPSON DSO (1901-06) Captain, Suffolk Regiment
Gerald Arthur HERVEY (1895-1900) Lt, Royal Garrison Artillery
Joseph Claude Antoine HOBART (1910-13) 2nd Lt, Royal Sussex Regiment
James Sydney HODGES (1898-1901) Royal Navy Transports.
Leslie Arthur HOGG (1908-14) London Regiment
Leslie Ebenezer HOLYMAN (1906-10) 2nd Lt, The Buffs, East Kent Regiment
Herbert Walter HYDE (1904-11) Lt, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Alan James JACKSON (1906-13) 2nd Lt, Middlesex Regiment
Robert Charles JAGO (1904-07) Sussex Yeomanry
Herbert Charles JENNINGS (1896-1902) 2nd Lt, Indian Army
Sidney Neville JENNINGS (1902-04) Corporal, Queen Victoria’s Rifles. Died in Ipswich Hospital of sickness contracted on active service.
Arthur Annan JOHNSTON (1904-08) 2nd Lt, Royal Field Artillery
Eric Gordon JOYCE (1911-14) 2nd Lt, Suffolk Regiment
Oliver Larcent Bell KEER (1906-12) Royal Fusiliers
Douglas LEDGER (1903-06) Sgt, Essex Yeomanry
Lionel HENRY LE MAY (1903-04) King’s African Rifles
John English LOTT MC (1888-92) 2nd Lt, Royal Engineers
Joseph Bernard MACNAMARA (1912-13) 2nd Lt, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. Recorded on CWGC under MCNAMARA.
Charles Symonds MANBY (1893-95) Canadian Mounted Royal Engineers. He was born in Suffolk on 7 May 1880. He enlisted at Valcartier, Quebec, Canada on 26 September 1914 and stated that he had some prior military service with the 2nd Suffolk Reg. at Sudbury, Suffolk. He listed his occupation as "Hotel Manager". He died of the Spanish flu at Vancouver BC on 12 January 1919 at the age of 39 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery of Vancouver, Canada. See CWGC Entry
Walter George MANN (1907-09) Private, 8th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Died on 12 August 1917 at the age of 23. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial and on the Framlingham Town Memorial – see www.roll-of-honour.org/Suffolk/Framlingham.html
Herbert Edward MARKHAM (1910-12) Lt, Royal Marine Light Infantry
Frederick Montague Leslie MATTHEWS (1909-12) London Regiment
Edwin George MAWBY (1889-97) Lt, Welsh Guards. SOF Hon Sec 1905-09, 1913-14. SOF President 1910-11. Editor, first edition, Framlingham College Register 1907. Separate memorial in College Chapel.
William MAY (1893-97) Somerset Light Infantry
Kenneth Spurling MAYHEW (1907-09) Royal Army Medical Corp (6th London Field Ambulance). Died 3 December 1917. Anneux British Cemetery
Geoffrey Ernest V MEDEN (1907-13) London Regiment
Kenneth LeGai MILLS (1908-14) 2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC). Born 1898 in Beverley, Yorks. Killed in action at Bethune, France on 11 November 1917. He is buried at Chocques Cemetery.
Robert Lindsay MONTGOMERY (1912-14) Royal Field Artillery
Jean Charles MONTREUIL CDG (1908-09) He was recruited at Lisieux and during WW1 served in the French Heavy Artillery and was awarded the Croix de Guerre with Palm. He was killed in action at Nieuport in Belgium on 17th April 1915, aged 24.
Wilfred Gilbert MORGAN (1899-1904) 2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
Oscar MORTIMER (1904-06) Staff Sgt, Royal Army Medical Corp
Edward Aston NEWLING (1911-15) Royal Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Horace NICHOLSON (1890-92) Canadian Expeditionary Force. Killed in action at Vimy Ridge on 20 August 1917.
Ernest OLIVER (1903-09) Lt, Suffolk Yeomanry
Bennett PELL (1895-99) Canadian Expeditionary Force
Arthur Robert PESTEL (1909-10) Royal Sussex Regiment
Arthur Wilmot PORTER (1911-12) Hon Artillery Company
Geoffrey Victor RANDALL (1908-09) Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
Arnold William RASH (1906-10) 2nd Lt, Suffolk Regiment (brother of below). Click to see picture of stained glass window in Wortham Church, featuring School crest.
Ralph Reginald RASH (1911-13) 2nd Lt, Suffolk Regiment (brother of above). Click to see picture of stained glass window in Wortham Church, featuring School crest.
Leonard Septimus READING (1892-94) Royal Flying Corps (RFC).

It would seem that it should have been VERNON JOHN (JACK) READING (1907) on the war memorial.  He was born on 13 September 1895 and was the nephew of Leonard Septimus Reading (1892-94).  2nd Lieutenant Vernon Reading served in the Royal Flying Corp and was killed during WW1 on 26 March 1918.  He is remembered on the Arras Flying Services Memorial.

John Wintfield REYNOLDS (1884-86) Captain, King Edward VII Horse
Albert George RICE (1910-14) London Regiment
Frederick Lester RICKABY (1903-06) Royal Tank Corp
Sydney William SAWYER (1907-11) Lt, Royal Fusiliers. Died of his wounds 29 June 1920 and buried in Wrentham Cemetery, Suffolk.
Francis Yates SAYER (1907-10) Suffolk Regiment
William Charles Joseph SEDDON (1906-09) Leading Seam, Royal Naval Reserve. Killed on board HMS India, an armed merchant cruiser, when it was torpedoed and sunk by U.22 off Norway
Hugh Valentine SHERINGHAM (1899-1902) Captain, Royal Army Service Corp
Harold Samuel SHERWOOD (1904-07) New South Wales Light Horse
William SOMERVILLE (1896-99) Canadian Expeditionary Force
Ziba SONES (1891-96) 2nd Lt, South Lancashire Regiment
George SPEDDING (1910-12) 2nd Lt, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Humphrey Osborn SPRINGFIELD (1898-1901) 2nd Lt, Warwickshire Regiment
Donald Frank Parker SPURGEON (1910-15) 2nd Lt, London Regiment
Basil Brett SQUIRE (1880-85) Captain, Royal Horse Artillery
Alan Kindereley STANFORD (1905-06) Canadian Expeditionary Force
William Howell STAPLETON (1913-15) 2nd Lt, Bedford Regiment, attached to Royal Berkshires
Adrian Harry STEWART (1899-1904) Lt, Gloucester Regiment. He was the first OF to give his life in WW1.
Charles Frederic Somes STEWART MC (1895-1901) Major, Northants Regiment
Norman H STOCKDALE (1902-03) 2nd Lt, Lincoln Regiment
Norman Garner STRANSOM (1910-13) Lt, 48 Squadron, Royal Flying Corp
Hugh Beauchamp SWANN (1904-06) Sgt, Honorary Artillery Company. Died in 1920 three years after being wounded in Northern France.
Spencer Lester Hatten SYMONDS (1913-15) 2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
William Henry SYMONDS (1908-11) Suffolk Regiment
Thomas Campbell TATE (1908-11) 2nd Lt, Royal Sussex Regiment
Frank Benjamin WALKER (1896-1900) 2nd Lt, King’s Royal Rifle Corp (brother of below)
Percy F WALKER (1891-97) Royal Field Artillery (brother of above)
Thomas Foskett WALKER (1900-03) Lt, Royal Field Artillery. Extensive research by Evelyn Empson shows that he was a Private.
Jonathan Noel C WASHINGTON (1910-11) 2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
Harry Alexander WATTS (1902-05) Lt, Royal Army Service Corp
Frank Rees WHEATLEY (1897-98) 2nd Lt, Essex Regiment
Leslie Spenser WHITE (1905-08) 2nd Lt, Royal West Kent Regiment
William Gordon WICKHAM (1909-13) Canadian Expeditionary Force
Sidney Alfred Henry WIGHTMAN (1903-05) Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action at Arras on 9 April 1917.
Allan WILSON (1900-06) Lt, Royal Engineers
Claude RUSSELL WRIGHT (1903-04) Lt Suffolk Regiment
William George WRIGHT (1912) 2nd Lt, Hampshire Regiment
HARRY ALFRED BUTT Captain, Gloucester Regiment
William Hudson MILBURN 2nd Lt, Suffolk Regiment
Alfred Victor RATCLIFFE 2nd Lt, West Yorkshire Regiment



Along the bottom of the memorial are 4 additional names – William Wyatt BAGSHAWE (1897-99) – 2nd Lt, Yorks and Lancs, Holford Charles Fourdrinear PLANT (1907-08) – Lt, 3rd North Staff, William John Grimstead MARSH (1912) - Lt, 127th Baluchi Regiment, Indian Army and George Henry Maurice PENDREY (1899-1900) – South African Army Service Corps.

In the 1968 register, No 3349 is for Thomas Marshall DALE (04-07) . According to the Register he served in 1st Dorsetshire Yeomanry and was killed in action in the Holy Land on 23 August 1918 and is buried in Ramleh War Cemetery in Israel. Although he is not mentioned on the War Memorial in the Chapel, the Framlingham Town War Memorial does include him. His name has therefore been added to the Chapel memorial – see picture.

As a result of an article being published in the 2012 Yearbook we now have fascinating additional information about how he deserted from the Navy and then served in WW1 under the alias of Max Henderson – see this article. My thanks to OF John Bridges (S57-66) and Evelyn Empson and her son for finally solving this mystery.

We have also recently discovered from a relative, another name missing from the Chapel WW1 Memorial - Sydney HARRIS (1902-06) . He was born on 3 December 1889 in Ely and was killed on 26 September 1916. According to his attestation papers, he joined the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 23 September 1914. He was a sergeant in “B” Company, 8th Batallion, Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment). He is remembered on the Vimy Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. Again it is unclear why his name is missing from the Memorial.

According to the 1968 Register there is another name that should be added to the Memorial - Captain Joseph Ernest TROUGHTON MC (1904-11) . He was born on 7 June 1894 and even before leaving the College had been awarded a vellum testimonial from the Royal Humane Society for saving a life from drowning. During WW1 he served in West Riding Regiment and was awarded the Military Cross on 1 January 1918 “For distinguished service in the field”. He fought in Gallipoli, Egypt and the Western Front and was wounded at Messines in June 1917. According to the Register he died of these wounds in August 1922 at the age of 28.

According to the 1968 Register there is another name that should be added to the Memorial - Gordon Harmer Catchpole (1903-07) . He was born on 12 August 1893 and served in the Canadian Field Artillery. The Register simply says that he was “Killed 1917”, but the CWGC website clearly has him listed as being killed on 11 May 1917. He is buried near Arras. His great nephew visited the College chapel and his grave in July 2017.

See below a picture of the additional plaque which was added in 2008 in respect of Sydney Harris (1902-06) and Captain Joseph Ernest TROUGHTON MC (1904-11) and which in 2009 had the name of Gordon Harmer Catchpole (1903-07) added.

In October 2015 we were approach by Evelyn Empson of Framlingham, who discovered that Robert Simmons who is named on the Framlingham War Memorial did work at the College as a waiter prior, prior to enlisting. Sadly she also found that he is buried in an unmarked grave in Framlingham Cemetery. Evelyn has tried hard to persuade CWGC to have his death officially recognised but they have refused so far. He was added to the Chapel memorials on Remembrance Sunday 2015 and a Service of Dedication was held in Framlingham Cemetery on 21 September 2016 to mark the installation of a grave stone on his previous unmarked grave.

At the end of 2018 a researcher contacted us about John Sundon Fyson (1897-1901) who died in 1917 in Nairobi will serving with the East African Pioneers.  We will arrange for his name to be added the Chapel memorial.

Addition to WW1 Memorial - Gordon Harmer Catchpole (1903-07)
Remembrance Service 2009