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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden



Distinguished OFs

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MAJOR GENERAL SIR ALEXANDER WALLACE KCB (1870-74) – joined Army after leaving College and rose to the rank of Captain in the Indian Army by the age of only 19! Served in many overseas campaigns and during WW1 was Inspector General of Communications in Egypt. He was mentioned in dispatches twice and received the Order of the Nile. He was knighted in 1922. He was President of the SOF and a Trustee and Governor of the College. He died on Christmas Day 1922 at the age of 64.

SIR FRANK BENSON Kt CVO CBE (1888-92) – served in both World Wars. At the end of WW1 he was Deputy Controller of the War Office. He was General Manager of the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes from 1923 until his retirement in 1942. He was awarded a CVO in 1941 and was knighted in 1942.

BRIGADIER WILLIAM ALBANY FETHERSTONHAUGH CB CBE DSO (1891-92) – after Sandhurst he joined Indian Army, quickly rising through the ranks. He served in many campaigns, including WW1 and was awarded the DSO on 1 January 1917, the Legion d’Honneur and the CBE on 1 January 1920. Like Brigadier General William Hugh Dobbie CB (1874-76) he was appointed Assistant Quarter Master General for the Indian Army in 1922. He was awarded a CB in 1928 and retired from the Indian Army in 1929.

LT COLONEL PHILIP LIONEL WILLIAM POWELL CBE DSO (1893-95) – after Sandhurst joined Welsh Regiment and served in the South African War. During WW1 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order on 3 June 1916. He was awarded CBE on 3 June 1919. In 1925 he was also decorated with the Order of the White Rose of Finland in recognition of services rendered.

COLONEL EDWIN PERCY CLARKE DSO TD (1890-96) – joined the family firm in Framlingham called EG Clarke and Sons. During WW1 was awarded the DSO, was also mentioned in dispatches twice and wounded. After WW2 he was Deputy Lieutenant and JP for East Suffolk. He was a prominent member of the Corporation, Governors and SOF President. He died in 1967 at the age of 86.

LT COLONEL CECIL TIDSWELL FURBER DSO AND BAR (1893-97) –joined the King’s Own Scottish Borderers and served in the South African War. In WW1 served in the Royal Tank Corps and was first awarded the Distinguished Service Order on 26 November 1917. He was awarded bar to his DSO on 15 October 1918. He died in 1943 at the age of 60.

MAJOR HUBERT FREDERIC LING MC TD (1895-1900) - qualified as a solicitor after leaving the College. During WW1 was awarded the Military Cross. After the war he joined the Territorial Army and was awarded the Territorial Decoration. He was a past President of the Framlingham and District branch of the British Legion and a member of Framlingham Town Council.

MAJOR-GENERAL ROLAND DEBENHAM INSKIP CB CIE DSO MC (1894-1902) - son of Rev OD Inskip who was headmaster of the College. Prominent soldier who was awarded DSO and MC during WW1 and was wounded in France. At the outset of WW2 he was appointed Major-General and awarded the CB. Distributed prizes at Speech Day in 1947, President of SOF in 1954 and was Chairman of the College Centenary Appeal Committee. He died in November 1971.

CAPTAIN JOHN ARTHUR LEA MC AND BAR (1900-02) - trained as a Mechanical Engineer with South African Airways in Pretoria. During WW1 he was first awarded the Military Cross on 26 July 1918. After being wounded in France, he was awarded a bar to his Military Cross on 8 March 1919.

CAPTAIN THOMAS VICTOR SOMERVILLE DSO OBE MC AND BAR (1896-1904) - after originally training as a surgeon he went on to be decorated in both WW1 and WW2. He was awarded MC and Bar and OBE in WW1 and was awarded DSO in 1941, shortly before he died. We have recently found that he was recommended for a Victoria Cross instead of the DSO in 1941, but this was overruled by General Wavell. Some of his exploits are mentioned in a book.

AIR VICE-MARSHAL HARRY GEORGE SMART CBE OBE DFC AFC (1905-07) - during WW1 he served in the Honorary Artillery Company and then the Royal Flying Corps where I suspect he was awarded the Air Force Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was awarded the OBE in 1922. He remained in the RAF and at the start of WW2 was appointed Commander of British Forces in Iraq. During his time he fought to keep Iraq in Allied hands. Sadly he suffered a breakdown in May 1941 and was replaced by another OF Air Marshal Sir John Henry D’Albiac KBE CB DSO (1908-10). He was awarded the CBE in 1941 and ended WW2 as Air Officer Commanding a group in Coastal Command.

AIR COMMODORE PHILIP LIONEL LINCOLN CB DSO MC (G1904-09) - outside of his WW1 and WW2 service he worked for R Passmore and Co, becoming their President and the President of the Building Industry Distributors. During WW1 he was awarded the MC on 25 November 1916 and the DSO on 3 June 1919. He was appointed CB in 1945. He was a judge for 5 seasons with the Ski Club of Great Britain and a Vice President of the SOF. He died in 1981 at the age of 89.

MAJOR GENERAL FREDERICK WHITMORE (ERIC) BURCH CSI CIE MC DL (1903-09) - was awarded MC in 1916 for conspicuous gallantry. During WW2 he served in India and in 1946 successfully organised India's victory celebrations in New Delhi.

LT RALP ADDIS MARKHAM MC MM (1903-10) - farmer in Canada. During WW1 served in 20th Battalion, Canadian Infantry. Was awarded the Military Medal on 9 December 1916 “For bravery in the field” and on 16 September 1918 was awarded the Military Cross “For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. While in charge of a patrol he located an enemy post, which was protected by a double belt of wire. In face of heavy bombing, he successfully rushed the post and killed or drove out the garrison. Though severely wounded, he bombed two of the enemy and stayed to see his wounded evacuated. He did splendidly”.

AIR MARSHAL SIR JOHN D'ALBIAC KCVO KBE CB DSO (1908-10) – involved in 1915 in one of the first, if not the first, attack made on a submarine by a British aircraft. Subsequently awarded the DSO for his role in this raid. Died in 1963.

GROUP CAPTAIN WILLIAM LANCELOT JORDAN DSC AND BAR DFC (1909-11) – during WW1 he flew Sopwith Camels and was first awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on 22 February 1918. He was awarded a Bar less than a month later and a few months after that he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He is credited with downing 39 planes in total - 8th highest by a British pilot. He died on 20 August 1925 in a motor accident, aged 28.

BRIGADIER BASIL BEDSMORE RACKHAM CBE MC AND BAR (1907-12) – during WW1 he served in the Royal Naval Division of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and was awarded the Military Cross on 26 March 1917. He was awarded a Bar to his Military Cross on 26 July 1918. He was awarded a CBE in 1945 and in 1947 was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Middlesex and then of Greater London.

LT COLONEL SERVAIS FITZWALTER MARIUS DEL COURT MC AND BAR (S1908-14) – during WW1 he was wounded twice while serving on the Western front from 1915 to 1918 and then in North Russia in 1919. He was first awarded the Military Cross on 18 October 1917 and was awarded a Bar to his MC on 21 January 1920. He died in 1970.

COLONEL CHARLES ROBINSON ROBBINS MC DFC (S1911-14) – after the leaving the College went to the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. During WW1 he served in the Royal Artillery and Royal Flying Corps and was first awarded the Military Cross and then the Distinguished Flying Cross. He went on to become a Company Director and President of the Commercial Aviation Association and was also Chairman of the South African Air Force Association. He also appears to have written a book on aerial photography, which fits in with his DFC citation.

GROUP CAPTAIN THOMAS STANLEY HORRY DFC AFC (1912-15) – during WW1 he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and is credited with downing 8 planes in total during WW1. He was awarded the Air Force Cross in 1928. During WW2 he served with Bomber Command in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Far East.

AIR VICE-MARSHAL JOHN ASTLEY GRAY CB CBE DFC GM (11-16) – was instrumental in the defeat in 1920 of an African rebel known as the Mad Mullah in what was Britain's cheapest war! He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during the 1920 campaign and then won the George Medal in World War II. Died in 1987.

LT COLONEL ALAN CHARLES NEWSON DSO DSC (S20-28) - during WW2 served in Naval Air Arm and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on 15 September 1942 “For bravery and devotion to duty in air operations in the Western Desert.” This was followed on 6 July 1943 with the Distinguished Service Order “For bravery in skilful and determined attacks on enemy shipping in the Mediterranean, made from light coastal craft and from the air.” Past President of SOF.

SQUADRON LEADER WILLIAM VALE DFC AND BAR AFC (1923-30)- like his contemporary Pickard below, he was one of the best-known RAF officers of WW2. As well as being awarded the AFC plus DFC and bar he was also the 2nd highest “victories” air ace in WW2.

AIR VICE-MARSHAL AUBREY SIDNEY-WILMOT CB OBE (G24-32)- prior to WW2 he qualified as a solicitor. In 1940 he was commissioned into the Administration Branch of the RAF, where he eventually became Director of Legal Services (RAF) from 1970-1979. He was awarded OBE in 1948 and CB in January 1977.

GROUP CAPTAIN PERCY CHARLES “PICK” PICKARD DSO** DFC (G26-32) - one of the best-known RAF officers of WW2 and was the first RAF officer to be awarded the DSO three times in one war. He died in 1944 on a daring raid on Amiens Prison. The link now provides access to the amazing “in case of death” letter he wrote, with kind permission of his nephew. Also photos of the presentation of the painting of the raid to the College by Patrick Taylor (K43-46) on 70th anniversary of the raid on Amiens Jail and other anniversary items. This now includes information from his flying log books researched by Bill Collard and James Ruddock Broyd and picture of some crash site relics donated by Bill to the College.

FLIGHT LT LESLIE “BILL” JAMES EDWARD GOLDFINCH (26-32) - his death in 2007 has revealed him as being involved in a remarkable wartime adventure. He was imprisoned in Colditz during WW2 and towards the end of his captivity, a few of the prisoners constructed a glider in the roof. The designer of the glider and instigator of this audacious scheme was “Bill” Goldfinch.

MAJOR GEORGE WHITAKER MC MBE (R28-32)- during WW2 served in 4th Baluch Regiment in the Battle of the Cauldron in North Africa and was awarded the Military Cross on 6 June 1942. He was taken a prisoner-of-war, but escaped in September 1943. Once he had recovered, he was posted to India in June 1944 and spent the rest of the war as an instructor in the jungle training division. After WW2 he returned to the tea business in India and was appointed MBE in 1969 “for services to the British community in Calcutta”. He died at the age of 79.

COMMANDER “JAKE” DEREK GEORGE HARBOE WRIGHT DSC AND TWO BARS (29-32)- - during WW2 served in the Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve. Was first awarded DSC on 29 September 1942 while serving in Motor Torpedo Boats. Awarded Bar to DSC on 1 January 1944 and awarded a 2nd Bar to his DSC on 19 September 1944.

COMMANDER PETER EDWARD NEWSTEAD OBE DSC (K28-33) - spent 26 years in Royal Navy and 20 years with the Sea Cadet Corps. During WW2 served on submarines. Was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross “For outstanding courage, skill and undaunted devotion to duty in successful patrols in command of HM Submarine Trident.”. He was later awarded the OBE.

MAJOR KENNETH GEORGE MAYHEW RMWO (R29-34) - during a distinguished career in WW2, he played an important part from D Day through to the liberation of Holland. In 2011 he was finally awarded Holland’s highest Military Decoration, the Royal Order of Knights of the Military Order of William. In 2014 he was their oldest knight of the order. At the beginning of 2016 he was also awarded France's highest award, the Legion d’Honneur as a Normandy veteran and on 18 January 2017 he celebrated his centenary in style with family, Dutch and OF events.

WING COMMANDER FRED WACE SNELL DFC AND BAR (31-33)- joined the RAF in April 1936. During WW2 he served in 88 Squadron and was first awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on 16 July 1940. He was awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Flying Cross on 23 October 1945.

LT FERGUS LEE DEMPSTER OBE DSC (29-34)- had a long and distinguished career during WW2 and afterwards in secret intelligence. It wasn’t until over a conversation at the 1995 AGM that he finally whispered, at the age of 80, that “I was a spy”! He was awarded the DSC for operations during early 1944 in preparation for the D Day landings. He was awarded an OBE in 1957.

SQUADRON LEADER CHARLES DAVID RASH DFC AND BAR (1932-35)- during WW2 he served in 115 Squadron of the RAF and was first awarded the DFC on 7 March 1941. He was awarded a Bar to his DFC on 13 October 1944.

WING COMMANDER GEORGE “PETER” BRETT BAILEY (K34-38) - during WW2 he was in Bomber Command for a while and then on D Day was a glider tug pilot and towed Bryan Hebblethwaite (34-39) on D Night. He towed him again over Arnhem where sadly Bryan was killed. After WW2 he was as a pilot involved in the Berlin Airlift and flew 250 times to Berlin and back. Afterwards he was involved here and in Australia with the VIP flight. He has lived in Australia since 1986. In 2014 his biography was documented in a book by Jenifer Simpson OAM and you can read that in full here.

AIR VICE-MARSHAL PETER KING CB OBE FRCSE (S36-39) - rose to the rank of Air Vice-Marshal in the RAF Medical Branch, specialising in Otorhinolaryngology. In 1964 he was appointed OBE and in 1987 was created a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) and Commander of the Order of St John. From 1979 to 1987 he was an Honorary Surgeon to HM the Queen. Is recognised as the co-descriptor of the “King-Kopetzky Syndrome”. Also past Vice-President of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. Also taught Simon Dougherty (G60-67) - see below.

GENERAL SIR PATRICK HOWARD-DOBSON GCB (R33-40) - Sportsman, Soldier, Chorister and endless Volunteer. He was the brother of SQUADRON LEADER MICHAEL FRANCIS HILARY DOBSON AFC (R34-42)

FLIGHT LIEUTENANT DEREK COLIN FOWLER DFM (G35-40) - during WW2 served in 38 Squadron of the RAF. On 1 January 1943 he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal and his citation describes in detail a raid on a ships convoy. He subsequently went on to be personal pilot to Aristotle Onassis and Stavros Niarchos. He died in 2008. His widow Yela "Peter" Fowler bequeathed $1m to the Society to honour and preserve his name and the Society gave £500,000 to the College to enable various projects to be set up in the Fowler name, including the Fowler Pavilion which was opened in 2017. This has on display many of his artifacts.

SQUADRON LEADER MICHAEL FRANCIS HILARY DOBSON AFC (R34-42) - he served in the RAF for 31 year and was awarded the Air Force Cross for his exceptional assessments as a pilot and instructor on jet aircraft. On 15 July 1953, he took part in the Queen’s Coronation Review, flying a Vampire. His total flying hours on retirement were 3,900.45. He died on 28 July 2013 and was the brother of GENERAL SIR PATRICK HOWARD-DOBSON GCB (R33-40)

COMMANDER RICHARD JOHN PERCY WITHYCOMBE PERRYMAN AM (R45-47) - the son of a successful racehorse trainer, he joined the Royal Navy in 1947. He transferred to the Royal Australian Nay (RAN) in 1969/70 where he went on to have a successful career. He ended up Commander of HMAS HARMAN, the RAN’s major Communications Station and Administrative base for the Canberra region. During that time he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his services to Military Communications.

CAPTAIN RICHARD JAMES HUSK CBE (R47-51) - he joined the Royal Nay from school as a Sailor. Submarine specialist. Five Commands. Retired as Captain. Awarded CBE in 1983 for control of submarine operations when Chief of Staff Submarines.

LT COL ROBERT LYNN STEVENS OBE (S51-55) - late of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (West Riding), he was awarded an MBE in June 1972 for his role in withdrawing British troops from Malta on the orders of Mintoff.  In June 1987 we was awarded an OBE for his work on the development of a computer based system to interconnect Army vehicles. He died in Hampshire on 28 May 2015.

WING COMMANDER MICHAEL KENNETH ALLPORT MBE (R54-62) - he was awarded the MBE for diplomatic services in the UAE whilst serving as a Staff Officer 1985 - 1988. He was subsequently Air Attache there 1995 - 1999 prior to retirement from active service; then continued (in the same rank) as a Retired Officer as the International Training Officer at the RAF College, Cranwell until 2013 when he retired and emigrated to Australia.

WING COMMANDER JULIAN STAPLETON MBE (G58-63) - 24-year career in the RAF. Initially specialised in Explosives, Fuels Management and Air Movements, seeing service all over the world. He was appointed MBE in 1981 for his work as the Unit Commander and on-site Project Leader for the reactivation of the flying training station at RAF Church Fenton in North Yorkshire.

RICHARD DEREK LLOYD VAUGHAN-GRIFFITH MC (K60-64) - most recent OF to be awarded the Military Cross, while serving in Aden. Went on to run and own a successful international Risk Management consultantcy. He died of cancer on 4 January 2012 aged 66.

AIR VICE-MARSHAL SIMON ROBERT CHARLES DOUGHERTY MBE MSc MBBS FFOM FRCP DAvMed DObstRCOG FCMI FRAeS RAF Retd (G60-67) - appointed an Air Vice Marshal at the time of becoming the Director-General of Medical Services (Royal Air Force) in September 2004. In retirement, he is Honorary Air Commodore, a Governor of The Royal Star and Garter Homes, a Governor of Framlingham College, and a member of the Court of Governors of The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is also a Trustee of a number of organisations and a Freeman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators and a Freeman of the City of London. He was President of the Society of Old Framlinghamians in 2011-13 and re-elected again in 2019.

CHARLES CARTER OBE (R61-69) - at Sandhurst he had the distinction of being awarded the Queen’s Medal for passing out highest in the Order of Merit. He was part of the Army’s operational and planning group for the recapture of the Falkland Islands in 1982. He was appointed as an OBE for his work with the United Nations in Cyprus where he commanded the British Sector of the Green Line, helping to lower the tensions between the Greeks and Turks.

LIEUTENANT GENERAL PHILIP DAVID JONES CB CBE DL (B72-74) - after attending Brandeston he had a very distinguished army career and after serving for 36 years, he departed as a Lieutenant General. He was awarded an MBE followed by a CBE in March 2012 and CB in June 2015 for his service.  He was appointed as Chairman of Trustees of The ABF The Soldiers Charity in November 2016 and is Chair of Trustees for the Royal Anglian Regiment Benevolent Charity.  In February 2018 he was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Suffolk.

CHARLES DAVID BLACKMORE (K65-75)- soldier, followed in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, author, banker and security adviser.

LT COL NICHOLAS FRANCIS INNELL (S67-75) - after four years in the Gordon Highlanders, he spent 16 years in the Intelligence Corps. Amongst other duties he was involved in a UN weapons inspection in Iraq and was in command of a Military Intelligence Battalion during the run-up to, and subsequent occupation of, Kosovo. He then joined the UN War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, as Head of Security, which covered the arrival and subsequent death of Slobodan Milosevic.

BRIGADIER MILES WADE CBE (S66-76) - late of the King’s Royal Hussars, he was awarded the MBE following a tour in North Belfast in 1994 and a CBE for services to the Army in 2006. Took command of 145 (South) Brigade in January 2007.

LIEUTENANT COLONEL PHILLIP CHARLES MOXEY MBE (R91-95) - he was awarded the MBE on 31 December 2015 for his Army service.  On 8 August 2018 he was Commanding Officer of the United Kingdom Guard of Honour provided by the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, at the service in Amiens Cathedral to mark the centenary of the Battle of Amiens.

OTHER DECORATED OFs FROM THE SERVICES- click here to see a significant number of other OFs who were decorated for distinguished acts in the service of their country.